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Christmas at Puget Sound Fisher House.

Christmas at Puget Sound Fisher House

Terry Traner, shown with Carrie Brook, executive director of Fisher House, delivered 2 large bags of her 3 “B’s”, books blankets and bears. They are bundled together and will be given to the children who are spending the holidays with their family at Fisher House. Carrie was ecstatic with the donation. At the same time Terry delivered a donation from American Legion Post 66.

Relief Committee Distributes Gift Cards

Just in time for Christmas, members of the Post Relief Committee delivered gift cards to the veterans homes at Retsil and Orting, as well as to the Chaplains offices of the active duty military installations around Puget Sound of all service branches.

At below, Senior Vice Commander Carl Kurfess makes the presentation at the Orting facility. Other committee members helping with distribution included Dan Doyle and Rose Gilliland.

Relief Committee Distributes Gift Cards

Christmas in Vietnam by Jim Traner

Christmas in Vietnam“In 1967 our unit, 1st Squadron of the 11th Armored Cavalry, was dug in for the Christmas truce. We were in a FSB close to the Cambodian border. I won’t give you my thoughts on truces in a war as I would be banned on FB. One of our guys got a very small artificial tree from his family. I’ve been searching my memory as to the trooper but I’m drawing a blank after 50 years. We had no decorations but we did have some Jiffy Pop, carefully hoarded in our track from a stop in Base Camp a few months earlier. After tearing off a chunk of a brick of C-4 (plastic explosive for you civilians), we lit it and popped the Jiffy Pop. Someone had their sewing kit stashed in their gear and we threaded the popcorn and strung it around the tree. Every Christmas I look at our beautiful tree and remember that pathetic little tree that brought Christmas joy to a bunch of GI’s dug into a mountain top far from home.”

Jim posted this piece describing that little “Charlie Brown” Christmas Tree on Facebook recently and it was also published in the Edmonds Beacon. The photo, of different tree in Vietnam, was posted on Facebook around the same time as Jim’s post by another Vietnam vet. 

2018 VFW/Legion Christmas Party a Rowsing Success!

2018 VFW/Legion Christmas Party

Generous members brought food and toys for the food bank and toy drive

The annual VFW/American Legion holiday party was held on December 15 at the Legion Hall and was attended by 61 members and guests. There was food aplenty, including the holiday favorite turkey and trimmings, ham and assorted desserts. It was all delicious!

2018 VFW/Legion Christmas Party

Buck scored pretty well on the raffle drawings, taking home three

The staff members of both posts donated raffle items, and, in addition, a beautiful quilt was donated by Dorothy Harkness, which was auctioned off separately from the raffle items. Also sold at auction were two portraits of the winning bidders’ choice by Mike Reagan.

2018 VFW/Legion Christmas Party

This lovely quilt, donated by Dorothy Harkness was auctioned off with Clare Walderman offering the winning bid.

Between the raffle revenues and the auction items, over $ 1,000 was raised to be split between the relief funds of Post 66 and Post 8870.

Many thanks for the efforts of the food preparation and clean up crew and to the donors of the fund raising items for making a great event possible.


 Buck scored pretty well on the raffle drawings, taking home three. 

This lovely quilt, donated by Dorothy Harkness was auctioned off with Clare Walderman offering the winning bid. 

Generous members brought food and toys for the food bank and toy drive 

Post 8870 Teacher of the Year Receives District 1 Award

Post 8870 Teacher of the Year Receives District 1 Award

Post 8870’s teacher of the year was also named the District 1 Elementary teacher of the year at the District awards meeting on January 5.

Devon Ames, who teaches 5th grade at Serene Lake Elementary in Mukilteo Received her award certificate and moves on to represent Post 8870 and District 1 as our nominee for the Department of Washington award which will be announced officially at the Mid Winter Conference in Yakima later this month.

Devon is shown above receiving her certificate from District Commander Doug White.

Post Youth Essay Award Winner Takes 2nd Place at District

Post Youth Essay Award Winner Takes 2nd Place at District

Post 8870 chose Sophia Hradec, a third grader from Machias Elementary School in Snohomish as our Youth Essay winner at her grade level. At the District 1 Awards ceremony in Everett, Sophia was awarded second place in the District Competition.

Sophia will be at our January Post meeting with her parents, to present her essay and receive her award from the post. We won’t publish her essay here, in order to not spoil the surprise.

Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America

On December 15, the annual Wreaths Across America event was held at the Veterans Cemetery at Evergreen Washelli in north Seattle. Several VFW Post 8870 members participated, including those members who who are part of the combined honor guard of our South Snohomish County VFW posts.

Each December on National Wreaths Across America Day, supporters gather to “Remember, Honor and Teach” by coordinating wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as over 1,400 additional locations, at sea, and abroad.

Post 8870 donates funds to purchase wreaths annually to support this mission.


News from the Auxiliary

by Valerie Ehlers 

At the November District 1 meeting I met Department VFW Commander Linda Fairbank and received one of her pins. I also met Department President Ruth Lamoureux and Department Junior Vice President Marjorie Stetson. All the Auxiliaries were thanked for all the hard work we’ve done this year. Membership goals were discussed and we were told that we will be getting a new auxiliary in the district very soon! We contributed 10 hygiene kits for homeless veterans to District President Mary Davenport along with some other auxiliaries. We also gave some extra supplies that could be used in making more kits.

News from the Auxilliary

We have set up our display in the lobby of Edmonds Senior Center. Come by, take a look, and let me know your thoughts about it. You can call me at 206-853-5673, or send me an email at

We are always happy to welcome new members to the Edmonds Auxiliary to VFW Post 8870. If you are interested in joining us, give a call or send an email to Valerie at the phone number or email address above.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year to you all! We look forward to seeing everyone at our January meeting!

Report your Community Service

When you attend the Post meeting, record these activities on the sheet provided at the Guard’s desk.

Be sure to include the number of hours in which you were engaged in the activity, mileage incurred, and any out-of-pocket expenses.

A few examples of community service activities that qualify are listed below. If you are in doubt as to whether an activity qualifies, go ahead and report it. We will sort it out .

  • Involvement in a recycling program 
  • Picking up trash along streets 
  • Volunteer time to assist in planning and conducting Veterans programs/ parades/events 
  • Any activities that promote Americanism (flag flying, public ceremonies, guest speaking engagements, and so forth) 
  • Involvement in youth activities (youth sports, Scouting, etc.) 
  • Mileage you incurred while involved in community service activities