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New Information Kiosk Set for Veterans Plaza

New Information Kiosk Set for Veterans Plaza

One of the final items for the Edmonds Veterans Plaza, the new information kiosk is now on order, the deposit having been sent to the vendor, Advanced Kiosks, on August 11.

The kiosk will be located near the top of the path made of pavers honoring individual veterans and we hope to have it set up and running well before Veterans Day.

There are a variety of kinds of information that can be provided, all from online “cloud” access and include a link to WAServes ( an online service set up to help veterans access services and information. We have provided this link before in this newsletter. If you have not done so. the above link will take you there.

The vendor will also provide software to allow us to set up a directory to guide visitors to each of the points in the Plaza bearing any particular veterans’ name and service information. It will take some time to organize and enter all of that information.

There will be ongoing maintenance required in both hardware and software, for which we have reserves in the Edmond Veterans Plaza fund, to help the city keep the Plaza current and well preserved.

At the July Post meeting, Jim Traner, who is a member of the Plaza Committee and one of the original organizers of the project, went over much of the details and a vote was taken to complete this part of the project.

Our thanks go out to Comrade Traner, Ron Clyborne and Bob Reinhart, who drove this portion of the project.

Birthday Celebration Slated for Post Centenarians!

Birthday Celebration Slated for Post Centenarians!On Saturday, August 18, at 4:00 PM, VFW Post 8870 and American Legion Post 66 will gather to celebrate the 100th birthdays of two of our members; Buck Weaver, World War II fighter pilot and Ed Shepherd, Navy Veteran, also of World War II. Please join us for a spaghetti dinner, beverages and celebration of our senior comrades. All are invited, bring family and friends.

Birthday Celebration Slated for Post Centenarians!We have previously run extensive biographies on both men in these pages, which are easily found in a search on our Post 8870 web. site.

Hero’s Cafe

Hero’s Cafe

In the photo at above, Gary Walderman, who served in Desert Storm, hugs Verdant Community Wellness Center’s Robin Fenn after presenting her and other staff members with challenge coins during The Hero’s Cafe in Lynnwood. At right is Jennifer Piplic. (Photo by Andy Bronson / The Herald)

The Hero’s Cafe is a monthly gathering for all veterans to focus on fostering positive outreach, interaction, and welfare within the neighboring community. Vets are welcome to drop in any time between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The next Hero’s Cafe takes place on August 28. There will be food and coffee at each gathering. For questions or more information, contact Gary Walderman at


Post Chaplain Dan Doyle Speaks on VFW Honor Guard

Post Chaplain Dan Doyle Speaks on VFW Honor Guard

Our Post Chaplain, Dan Doyle a Navy Corpsman and Fleet Marine Force veteran, has taken it upon himself to join what is becoming the South Shohomish County VFW Honor Guard. At the July Post meeting, Dan filled us in on the nature and functions of the Honor Guard.

Started as the Lynnwood Post1040 Honor Guard and still run by that Post, it was organized primarily to provide burial services to veterans in our area, but they also participate in other events, such as Wreaths Across America where appropriate. Demand for the group’s services has grown dramatically in recent years and as new volunteers are need to share the load, the group is morphing into a combined unit of all South County posts.

Members are uniformed, (funded by Post 1040) and rifles owned by all of the participating posts (8870 has three M1 Grarands) are utilized. While at least one excellent bugler is involved, but if you are a bugle/trumpet player, your services would be of value.

Doyle spoke of the satisfaction he has found in provided this service to grieving families and believes other members will appreciate the opportunity to serve.

For more information on how to get involved, contact Chaplain Doyle.

Veterans Self-Check Quiz

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline have joined with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to create the Veterans Self-Check Quiz. This is a safe, easy way to learn whether stress and depression might be affecting you.

Using this service is completely voluntary and confidential.

You must be at least 18 years old to complete the Self-Check Quiz. You will find the quiz at:  

If you need immediate help, use the Veterans Crisis Line.

Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 Press 1

Marines Observe 50th Anniversary of Khe San Siege

Excerpt from “The Atlantic” ongoing series looking back at 1968

Marines Observe 50th Anniversary of Khe San Siege

The Battle of Khe Sanh began 50 years ago when roughly 20,000 North Vietnamese troops surrounded an isolated combat base held by roughly 5,500 Marines. The marines could not be reinforced or resupplied except by air, and the enemy had attacked during monsoon season, when the weather would limit flights. General William Westmoreland, commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam, ordered them to fight to hold the base rather than evacuate.The North Vietnamese hoped to repeat the sort of victory won years earlier at Dien Bien Phu, when similarly besieged French forces were overrun and slaughtered.

President Johnson followed the 77- day ordeal with a scale model of the battlefield in the Oval Office.

The public read about the besieged marines in newspapers as the fighting unfolded: the Marines bombarded by artillery and reliant on resupply from aircraft that came under heavy fire on approach and departure.

The Marines ultimately held the base at a cost of 274 killed. 2,500 were wounded. Thousands of Vietnamese fighters were killed.

Emphasis On Membership Recruit and Retain

Emphasis On Membership Recruit and RetainThe success of a volunteer organization is always entirely dependent of the efforts of its membership and that is particularly true when it comes to the recruiting and retention of members. In the Veterans of Foreign Wars, membership is everyone’s responsibility. 

When a veteran is invited to join our group, he or she is going to ask “What’s in it for me?”. The best answer to that, in a post as active as ours is to get them to a meeting or activity so they can see the benefits of membership for themselves. Our new Edmonds Veterans Plaza can be an excellent tool for this purpose.

VFW says numbers matter and they do. When we lobby Congress for strong support for the Veterans Administration, they want to know that we represent a large number of veterans, who represent a large number of votes. Numbers also matter when we are staffing the tables for poppy distribution on Memorial Day and Veterans Day; when we participate in the July 4 festivities and when we support Veterans in need.

Even if a member is not active, their membership is important to let everyone know that we are together in supporting veterans interests.

We all have friends and family who are qualified veterans, but are not members. Reach out to them. Invite them to a meeting so they can see “What is in it for them”.