Membership the Key in Coming Year

At the Department Convention, someone stated that VFW had lost 700,000 members in the last decade.  Our WWII veterans were the core of VFW when I joined in 1969 with a few of us Vietnam vets tagging along.  Now, Vietnam veterans make up a core constituency of VFW, but those vets also have the Vietnam Veterans of America they can join just as the younger vets have their particular veterans groups.  However, as I have often stated, as a veteran your voice can be heard through as many veterans groups you join.  There is no prohibition against belonging to the VFW, American Legion, or any other group of veterans where you qualify for membership.   Congress doesn’t listen to one individual voice, but they sure as heck listen to the collective voices of the VFW or the American Legion  It is important to reach out to all veterans who are qualified to join the VFW and ask them for their support by becoming a member.  Make sure you carry an application with you, and, if you need one, just let the Quartermaster know and she will get them to you ASAP.

Just as important as having veterans join our Post, is having them retain their membership.  We have been making an effort to include our new members in our Post activities.  Hopefully, a lot of the newer members will volunteer to speak at the local schools during the Veterans Day activities

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