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Post Members Participate in the 111th “Edmonds Kind of 4th” Parade

With three 100 year old members! 


A large contingent of VFW and American Legion members participated in the annual “Edmonds Kind of 4th” Parade, stepping off at noon on a beautiful July 4 in downtown Edmonds. Jim Traner arranged for and towed a flat bed trailer equipped with chairs for those who may walk with difficulty, as others marched along behind the colors.

Post Members Particpate in the 111th “Edmonds Kind of 4th” Parade

Three of our comrades attending the parade this year celebrate reaching the century mark. 

Ed Shepherd (100 on July 4), Don Raliegh and Buck Weaver all will reach that milestone this year.

Post Members Particpate in the 111th “Edmonds Kind of 4th” Parade

At above, the VFW Post 8870 color guard leads the parade.

Thanks to Dick Simmons for organizing the color guard and to its members for their efforts. Walking a mile and a half with those flags under a warm sun is a bit of work.

American Gold Star Mothers 

Post Members Particpate in the 111th “Edmonds Kind of 4th” Parade American Gold Star Mothers

The American Gold Star Mothers brought something new to the parade this year, arranging for banners with the images of theiir fallen loved ones to be carried in the parade.

Chamber organizers passed on this comment:

“I attended with my young family and thought it was the best parade yet (and they are all good!). In particular, I especially enjoyed the group who brought huge pictures of soldiers from our area who had died in service. It was very moving and special and felt patriotic to STAND as they passed and explain to my children why we STAND.

Naturally, we also love the veterans when they go by and stand for them too.”

Post Members Particpate in the 111th “Edmonds Kind of 4th” Parade

Above, VFW Post 8870 member Kerry Watkings distributes flags for parade goers along the route.

Below, Kerry is joined by Post 8870 Quartermaster Dennis Peterson.

Post Members Particpate in the 111th “Edmonds Kind of 4th” Parade

Photos courtesy Edmonds Chamber of Commerce

4th of July Parade

Believe it or not, the 4th of July is here again. As in the past, we will be forming up at 6th and Main at 1130 hours and stepping off at 1200. For those of you who haven’t attended the parade, if you wish to park anywhere close to the rally point, you’ll need to be there by 1030 at the latest. We will have the American Legion Hall open so you can have a seat there if you arrive early. This year we will have 4 Jeeps (hopefully) and 3 Humvees so there should be room for all those who wish to ride. The route is .9 miles so a lot of us will walk. Unlike prior years, our annual picnic will be the following day, July 5th. We found that it was too difficult to navigate across town when 10,000 people were leaving at the same time. For those of you who haven’t participated in the past, I would urge you to do so, The crowd loves the veterans and we love the crowd. Be sure to bring your cover.