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Mike Reagan Honors Memory of Past Post Commander Duane Pounds

Mike Reagan Honors Memory of Past Post Commander Duane Pounds

At our March meeting, the Post charter was draped to honor the memory of Duane Pounds. During his many years as a member of Post #8870, Duane had served as Commander for five years and played a crucial role in keeping the Post active and successfully recruiting new members who, eventually, assumed leadership roles. Duane died on February 19 due to complications from a stroke. Julie, his wife of 66 years, had passed away last July, and Duane never fully recovered from her loss. Duane had also been an active member of many other community organizations such as American Legion Post #66, Nile Shrine Temple, Lakeside Masonic Lodge, and many others. In honor of Duane’s many contributions to our Post, Mike Reagan presented a portrait of Duane to his family. Accepting the portrait on behalf of the Pounds family was Duane’s daughter, Randi, her daughter Kelly, and three of Duane’s great grandchildren. Mike, of course, founded the Fallen Heroes Project, and over the years, he has drawn portraits of over 4,000 soldiers who have been killed during our nation’s war on terrorism. Julie and Duane had five children, 10 grandchildren, and 14 great grandchildren.

The Last Word — from your Editor

The American Legion has welcomed VFW in their Hall. They ask VFW for no rent and provide us with the Hall where our meetings are much more comfortable and conducive to running a meeting than our old surroundings. So how do we thank them. By joining the American Legion. The cost to join is $35/year. That works out to less than 10 cents a day. Since every VFW member is eligible for membership, I want each of you to seriously consider joining. I really don’t want to hear the following excuses:

“I already belong to too many organizations” or “If I join I want to be active and I don’t have the time.”

My response is “bullsh_t”. American Legion Post 66 supports us and we need to support them. You can’t go wrong belonging to too many veterans’ organizations. So consider when you are at the next meeting picking up a membership application. Can’t make the meeting? Go on line and get an application. If you can’t afford it, let the American Legion Post know it and they will accommodate your budget. In any event, support your fellow veterans.

Post Changes Meeting Location

After many years of meeting at the Edmonds Senior Center, the Post has elected to change its meeting location to American Legion Post 66’s home at 117 6th Avenue S.. You can take a look at the new location by going to http://mapq.st/1sOd4al since I was unable to print a map for you. Or to put it in a different perspective, go one block east (up the hill) from the traffic circle on Main St. and 5th and turn right on 6th Ave. There is a large American Legion sign and a flag pole with an American and POW/MIA flag flying. Everything else i.e. time, cost of meals, etc. will remain the same, only the location is changing. For those of you who don’t mind walking a bit, please leave any open parking spots that are close to the hall open for those who aren’t as mobile.