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Edmonds Veterans Plaza Bid Accepted!

Edmonds City Council Unanimously Approves Contract

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Bid Accepted!At the December 13 meeting of the Edmonds City Council, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Carrie Hite announced the low bidder as K-A General Construction for $290,967.92. (This number does not include the seats, pavers etc, contacted separately)

The audience, including veterans attending the meeting, broke out in applause after the construction funding was unanimously approved.

Construction is scheduled to start in January, to be completed in time for a Memorial Day dedication ceremony.

It Happened at the December Post Meeting

It was a busy, if efficient December Post meeting, with a fascinating speaker in the person of Col. Bill Reeder and presentations as shown below, following which a sizable contingent retired to the Edmonds City Council Meeting in support of the Edmonds Veterans Plaza vote, details of which are covered on another post. We should all be very proud of our active and dedicated membership.

Representatives of VFW (Terry Crabtree) and American Legion (Jim Collins) present checks to Mike Reagan to support Mike’s Fallen Heroes Project. Mike has drawn portraits of well over 4,000 of our fallen comrades to date.

December Post Meeting

Sarah Browne presented a check from Spaulding Ski Bus in memory of Jim Harkness. Jim’s wife Dorothy has long been part of the ski bus project and the Post long a beneficiary.

December Post Meeting

Our December Speaker, Bill Reeder, author of Through the Valley, in which he related his experience as a POW held captive in jungle prison camps as well as the “Plantation” and the “Hanoi Hilton”. At left, Bill receives a drawing of his Cobra attack helicopter from our resident artist, Mike Reagan.

December Post Meeting

Mike Reagan presented a portrait of Ken Hicks to his daughter, Melissa Hicks at the December Post Staff Meeting. Ken, a Vietnam Veteran, passed away in July. (Ken and your editor were inducted into the post at the same meeting)

December Post Meeting


Edmonds Veterans Plaza Status

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Status Ron ClyborneAt the July Post meeting, Ron Clyborne, pictured at left during the 2016 Independence Day Parade, Chair of the Plaza Committee, gave us an update on our new Edmonds Veterans Plaza. As of the date of our July meeting, funding pledges exceeded $500,000, well over our initial funding goal of $420,000.

The committee has decided to add an interactive Veterans Service Kiosk at the Plaza. This Kiosk will be a device similar to an ATM, the purpose of which will be to allow veterans visiting the plaza to access Veterans services information on site.

A delay in the bidding process has pushed out the projected dedication date beyond Jan 1, 2017. The committee will keep us informed as the completion/dedication dates solidify.

Raffle Winners Announced

Raffle Winners Announced

As part of the Post contribution to the funding of the Edmonds Veterans Plaza, a rafffle was conducted over the past two months with tickets sold by post members & friends of the post, for which Mike Reagan provided prizes in the form of two of his wonderful renderings of Seahawks scenes.

The drawing to determine the two winners was held at the Post picnic on July 4. At left is Reagan and incoming Post Commander Terry Crabtree, presenting the first prize to Jim McCann, center right and second prize to Rene Blumenfeld center left.

The raffle raised over $2,600.00 for the Plaza project, which has now reached and exceeded the estimated project cost.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who participated!

Veterans Plaza Funding Goal Achieved!

Edmonds Veterans Plaza drawing

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Wall

The largest single donation received from an individual or family has put the Edmonds Veterans Plaza funding goal over the top; $16,000 from Bruce and Elaine Nickolson is the largest contribution from an individual donor, according to Ron Clyborne, chairman of the Plaza committee.

The volunteer co-chair of the Plaza’s funding committee, Tom Mesaros, said that the local community is being encouraged to continue to support the Plaza with their donations. Mesaros added, “Experience has shown that there is a possibility of unanticipated cost overruns. And of course there is the occasional enhancement that the committee failed to think of. Having a financial cushion to cover items like these is a responsible idea.”

The Plaza will consist of two complementary areas. The main plaza will feature a chest-high granite or marble wall honoring veterans of the five military services. The wall will incorporate waterfalls and emblems of the five services. Directly adjacent will be a Memorial Garden, a place of reflection dedicated to veterans that have passed away. Citizens may honor specific individual veterans by purchasing paving stones, dedicated benches and seating cubes that match the wall.

Donors Bruce and Elaine Nickolson are well-known locals. He is a 37-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, retiring as a Master Chief Petty Officer, followed by achieving an engineering degree the University of Washington and going on to found an electronics manufacturing firm, Opcon, Inc. Nickolson is a founder of the Edmonds Car Show and he and Elaine are founding members of the Edmonds Center for the Arts.

Persons wishing to be a part of the Edmonds Veterans Plaza may donate by mailing a contribution to Edmonds Veterans Plaza, c/o Edmonds VFW Post 8870, PO Box 701, Edmonds, WA 98020. (Make
checks payable to Edmonds Veterans Plaza.) On-line donations can be made at http:// edmondsveteransplaza.com.

Clyborne said that construction is planned to begin by August 1 and the Plaza will be dedicated at a
public ceremony on Veterans Day of this year, Friday November 11.

How to be a part of our Edmonds Veterans Plaza Plaza Project Approaching Fundraising Goal

Edmonds Veterans Plaza funding tops $ 400,000!

For the past 241 years men and women have served our nation in uniform; in peace and in conflict, assuring that our freedom, declared in 1776, would continue.

Edmonds Veterans Plaza drawing

Our City of Edmonds has not had a place to so honor & remember those who have served. Thanks to VFW Post 8870, American Legion Post 66, The City of Edmonds and a group of dedicated individuals, Edmonds will finally have such a place of honor, to be prominently located at 5th and Bell, right in front of the City Council Chambers Building.

The total budget for the new plaza is $420,000. To date the organizing
committee has raised $ 400,000 and there is $20,000 yet to raise. The Hazel Miller Foundation, prominant among our major supporters, was an early donor committing $180,000 toward this project during the fall of 2015. We are very grateful for this support.

The time has come for the fundraising effort to look to the public. All Edmonds citizens are invited to contribute toward the campaign to raise the last $20,000.

Please consider a contribution of $50, $100, $250 or more so that the project can be completed. You can send your contribution to Edmonds Veterans Plaza, c/o Edmonds VFW Post 8870, PO Box 701, Edmonds, WA 98020 (make checks payable to Edmonds Veterans Plaza); or go online to http://

You may wish to honor a particular friend, relative or comrade in arms. We have the following opportunities to do so:

  • Pavers to honor a Veteran – $500 minimum donation
  • Bench Plaques to honor a Veteran – $1,500 minimum donation
  • Seating Cubes to honor a Veteran – $2,500 per side

(Illustrations of these features are available on the web site referred to above.)

Fundraising is to be completed by the end of May with construction beginning in June and the new Plaza to be dedicated on Veteran’s Day, November 11th, 2016.

The financial support of all of our citizens and particularly all veterans is
important so please send your contribution now.

Edmonds Veterans Plaza sketch

Raffle to Help Fund Edmonds Veterans Plaza

Edmonds Veterans Plaza RafflePost 8870 will conduct a raffle beginning in April as part of our contribution to the funding of the Edmonds Veterans Plaza. The raffle is expected to raise a total of $5,000 for the cause and will be conducted in part as an addition to our “Buddy Poppy” distribution efforts, as well as some special ticket selling events and the efforts of individual members and VFW supporters. Images of the raffle ticket and a promotional flyer are below.

Tickets and flyers will be available for distribution at the April Post Meeting.

Raffle drawing to be held at the Independence Day picnic, July 4, 2016
The winners need not be present to claim their prize.

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Raffle!

Help build a lasting tribute to Veterans; past, present & future

Donation $5.00 per ticket

See any VFW Post 8870 member for your chance to win these one-of-a-kind images.

First Prize:
Signed & Framed Original Seahawks Poster!

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Raffle 1st prize

Second Prize:
A Smaller unframed original Seahawks Poster

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Raffle 2nd Prize

Both pieces by Famed Edmonds Artist Michael Reagan, USMC Vietnam Combat Veteran, founder Fallen Heroes Project

Drawing at VFW/Aerican Legion Picnic, July 4, 2016
Need not be present to win

Edmonds Veterans Plaza drawing
Artist’s rendition of north wall area of the proposed plaza, honoring each of the five branches of service

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Raffle!

To Help build a lasting tribute to Veterans; past, present & future, We will be raffling off two original, signed Seahawk posters by our own Mike Reagan.

1,000 tickets will be sold @ $5.00 each to raise $5,000 toward the Post contribution to Veterans Plaza construction costs.

Stay tuned for details of timing and ticket distribution.

Other fund raising activities continue and recent reports put the total just north of $ 280,000.

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Raffle 1st prize

1st Prize

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Raffle 2nd Prize

2nd Prize

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Update

Over $ 270,000 Pledged!

Edmonds Veterans Plaza drawingWith some verbal commitments we have now surpassed $270,000 in contributions, more than halfway toward our $450,000 goal. We would like to reach this goal by March 31, 2016, which would allow us to dedicate the new plaza on Veterans Day 2016!! It is expected that we will take this drive to the general public late in January. Wilcox Construction of Edmonds has offered to build the plaza at their cost, which would be a significant donation in itself. The city is expected to include Wilcox on the bid request list.


Naming Opportunities

Edmonds Veterans Plaza drawingCommander Blossey will be putting together a promotional piece to describe naming opportunities, to honor individual veterans, which include:

  1. A pedestal at $10,000 for all four sides
  2. One side of a pedestal is $2,500
  3. Individual Pavers are $500 each.
  4. 6 park benches at $2000 each.

It should be emphasized that these naming opportunities are for recognizing veterans, not for recognizing donors. There will be a donor wall to recognize donors who contribute at least $1,000.

Edmonds Veterans Plaza sketchParticipation of Post Membership Key to Funding Plaza

Edmonds Veterans Plaza planCommittee Chair Ron Clyborne has questioned the level of participation by the Post membership in funding the Plaza to date. Less than 5% of our membership has contributed as of the December meeting of the committee. Clyborne wants us to know that we have post members on the committee that have put in hundreds of hours on this long overdue project  that is “ Honoring all veterans…past, present and future” and it is hoped that all of our membership will step up.

Certainly, all of us are not in a position to make a large donation, but every dollar contributed helps and equally important, helps demonstrate how important this project is to our veterans posterity. Your contribution, however small helps. $10, $20, $50, $100 donations do add up and if every VFW member who has not contributed to date donated just $20 that would raise a very meaningful $4000+. American Legion Post 66 as an organization has donated $6000, VFW Post 8870 has donated $1000 this year with an additional $1000 pledged for next year …a very few individual VFW members that have contributed or pledged a total of $12,500 to date, including a single pledge of $ 10,000.

The committee asks that we please forward this newsletter to friends and family and other veterans who are not VFW Post 8870  members so that they too may consider a donation.

Edmonds Veterans Plaza

Edmonds Veterans Plaza UpdatePlease keep this project “front of mind” as we say in marketing. Comrade Clyborne and his fellow members of the fund raising committee will need an effort by the entire Post to meet the financial goals for the Plaza. If you have contacts who may be willing and able to help and don’t wish to approach them yourself, get in touch with Ron Clyborne or Jim Blossey so that someone from the committe can make the contact.