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Member Service Photos Wanted

NL1015_Service_Photo_WantedNo doubt you have seen the “Who is this Member” corner on the Post web site. Your editor would like to continue this tradition on the website and in the newsletter. We need photos of you during your active service. They can be formal portraits, but candid photos in the field, aboard, ship or with aircraft are, I think more interesting.

Please email your photo, along with a short description of when and where the photo was taken to editor@vfw8870.org, or bring a print to the Post Meeting. Should your editor not be in attendance, (not uncommon this time of year) Commander Blossey will see that it is scanned and made available. Don’t forget your descriptive text. Here is a pic to get things started. See if you can identify this young sailor who is a current member of Post 8870. Identification and details of where and when will be posted on the web and in the November newsletter.