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Reporting Your Service as a VFW Member

Every month, the Post reports to the Department of Washington on the number of hours and dollar value of our service to the Community as members and as a Post. 

The form shown below is provided to guide you in reporting your activities. Essentially, anything you do in the way of service to the community as a member of VFW and Post 8870 is reportable. This form should act as a guideline to help you report your activities and contributions. Note that the form is in two basic parts: 1. Hospital and 2. Community. The key to the Hospital is section the word ‘Hospital’. If it is doesn’t happen in or connected with the hospital or nursing home it doesn’t belong on this report. You may submit your report to the Guard (as we have been doing) as you come in to the Post meeting or you can email it to Post Surgeon Jay Hansen, (surgeon@vfw8870.org) A copy of this form will be at the front desk to help you identify reportable items. Address questions to Surgeon Hansen, or Commander Gilliland. PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY.

Examples of Actions Reportable As Community service performed by a representative of the VFW 

  • Volunteering at hospitals, schools, senior centers, museums 
  • Taking veterans and families to doctor, dentist, hospital 
  • Helping maintain the Veterans Plaza 
  • Volunteering with Scouts or other youth programs 
  • Visiting or helping sick or disabled veterans at home 
  • Donating blood 
  • Donating items or money to the community 
  • Helping a disabled or elderly neighbor 
  • Raising and lowering the American Flag at PUBLIC locations 

If you have other services you think eligible, ask Surgeon Hansen, or simpley report them and let him determine whether they are qualified.