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Emphasis On Membership Recruit and Retain

Emphasis On Membership Recruit and RetainThe success of a volunteer organization is always entirely dependent of the efforts of its membership and that is particularly true when it comes to the recruiting and retention of members. In the Veterans of Foreign Wars, membership is everyone’s responsibility. 

When a veteran is invited to join our group, he or she is going to ask “What’s in it for me?”. The best answer to that, in a post as active as ours is to get them to a meeting or activity so they can see the benefits of membership for themselves. Our new Edmonds Veterans Plaza can be an excellent tool for this purpose.

VFW says numbers matter and they do. When we lobby Congress for strong support for the Veterans Administration, they want to know that we represent a large number of veterans, who represent a large number of votes. Numbers also matter when we are staffing the tables for poppy distribution on Memorial Day and Veterans Day; when we participate in the July 4 festivities and when we support Veterans in need.

Even if a member is not active, their membership is important to let everyone know that we are together in supporting veterans interests.

We all have friends and family who are qualified veterans, but are not members. Reach out to them. Invite them to a meeting so they can see “What is in it for them”.

Post Membership Goals Reached

Immediate Past Commander Jim Blossey reports he received a phone call recently from Fred Green, Past Adjutant of the Department of Washington, congratulating Post 8870 on surpassing our 100% membership growth and retention target during the VFW year just ended.

Greene said we will be recognized in 6 to 8 weeks (likely at our August Post meeting) in a visit to our post by Past Department Commander Glenn Albert, at which time he will present us with a white hat which Jim will accept proudly on our behalf.

A big Well Done to you all. Membership is the key to service and is every member’s responsibility. Following is a comparative membership summary for District 1.

comparative membership summary for VFW WA District 1

You Are No Longer a Member of the VFW if……….

With the exception of a few of our newer members whose memberships run from the date of payment to a date one year henceforth, everyone else’s membership (with the exception of Life Members) expired on December 31st meaning you are no longer a member in good standing in the VFW if you haven’t paid (take a look at your card if you’re in doubt). Dues are $35 a year which is less than a dime a day. Heck, you could probably crawl under the bleachers at the local football field and find enough change to cover your membership. We have an excellent Post that is active in the community, assisting veterans, promoting Democracy, and recognizing our out-standing teachers and students. Its probably worth more than a dime a day.