The Last Word

We lost some good members last month as our Chaplain pointed out in his column.  It is always difficult to lose friends.  About the same time, a young state politician died unexpectedly leaving behind a wife and two small children.  From reading the article, he seemed like a nice guy and was an ethical and hardworking individual with a bright future.   The governor declared that all the government flags be flown at half mast and asked that everyone fly their flags at half mast on that particular day.  I have no problem with that request, but we had two members who served in two different conflicts, Korea and Vietnam, who passed and no flags will be flown at half mast in their memory nor would either I suspect, if they could speak for themselves, would want the flags lowered to half mast.  Soldiers simply go about their duty protecting and defending America, and those that come home move on with life.  But I notice that when I read the obits how many are shown wearing their uniforms from a past war; a last time to wear it in public.  So Chuck and Ken didn’t have a flag flown at half mast since neither was a politician, but we members of VFW draped our Charter in black and remembered them and their service to our country.

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