The Last Word — from your Editor

The American Legion has welcomed VFW in their Hall. They ask VFW for no rent and provide us with the Hall where our meetings are much more comfortable and conducive to running a meeting than our old surroundings. So how do we thank them. By joining the American Legion. The cost to join is $35/year. That works out to less than 10 cents a day. Since every VFW member is eligible for membership, I want each of you to seriously consider joining. I really don’t want to hear the following excuses:

“I already belong to too many organizations” or “If I join I want to be active and I don’t have the time.”

My response is “bullsh_t”. American Legion Post 66 supports us and we need to support them. You can’t go wrong belonging to too many veterans’ organizations. So consider when you are at the next meeting picking up a membership application. Can’t make the meeting? Go on line and get an application. If you can’t afford it, let the American Legion Post know it and they will accommodate your budget. In any event, support your fellow veterans.

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