Virtual Award Wall

POW MIA Mill Creek Proclamation


National Recognition Award 2014-2015 Outstanding Teacher Award Program Activities


National Recognition Award 2014-2015 Outstanding Youth Actibities - Scouting Program Activities


National Recognition Award 2014-2015 Outstanding Voice of Democracy Program Actibities


Newsletter of the Year 2nd Place 2014-2015


National Recognition Award - Patriots Pen


National Recognition Award - Outstanding Community Program Activities Service


Hospital Award 2014-2015


Proclamation Loyalty Day, City of Edmonds, May 1, 2014


Loyalty Day Proclamation, City of Mill Creek, April 22, 2014


Certificate of Appreciation Navy Wives Club of America


Semper FI Fund Certificate


Certificate 6/22/012


Certificate USO 2011-2012


Heroes in the Ballpark 2012


Hospital Award 2011-2012


Outstanding Teacher 2011-2012


Patriots Pen Contest 2012


Poppy Program 2011-2012


Silver Star Donor 2011-2012


Post of teh Year 2011-2012



Teacher Award Program


Buddy Poppy Award


Buddy Poppy Award


4th of July Parade


Veterans Award


USO Program


Publication Award


Poppy Program Award 201--2011


NRA Voice of Democracy Program Award 200-2011


NRA Teacher Program Award 2010-2011


NRA Patriot's Pen Program Award 2010-2011


National Military Services


100% Hospital Reporting Award


100% Post Award


Bronze Star Donor Award