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We’re Back!

We're back

Remember This Place? 

Yes, we’re back. After more than an year of COVID quarantine, we will once again be meeting at the Edmonds American Legion Hall. We are still in the phase of needing to keep the hall at 50 percent capacity, but do not anticipate a problem, since our regular Post meetings rarely approach that number of attendees. 

We expect members attending in person to be masked and to maintain social distancing. We are not yet able to serve meals again, so plan on supper before or after the meeting. 

If you are not yet vaccinated, or just not comfortable attending in person, to sign in to participate via Zoom. (A link will be sent to your email) The Post has invested in new equipment to better facilitate that option and we expect to continue to provide it going forward. We look forward to seeing all of our comrades once again. 

We have one very important item of business on the agenda for this meeting; the annual election of Post Officers. The current officers have proposed a slate of officers for the coming year, which is shown on the following page and, of course nominations from the floor will be accepted. 

If you are interested in serving in any of these positions, you may place your own name in nomination. Please do not nominate anyone else unless you have obtained that person’s permission to do so in advance. If you wish to serve in an appointed position, there may be some currently listed who would be interested in a relief. See the new Commander after elections if you would like to offer your services.

VFW Post 8870 Proposed 2021-2022 Officers 

Commander: Carl F. Kurfess 
(425) 776-1656 | 

Sr. Vice Commander: Duane Bowman 
(425) 281-6720 | 

Jr. Vice Commander: Rose Gilliland 
(206) 818-1434 | 

Quartermaster: Dennis L Peterson 
(425) 772-3404 | 

Adjutant appointed: Nathan WorSnger 
(425) 743-4319 | 

Service Officer appointed: Alden Gilliland 
(206) 818-7789 | 

Surgeon appointed: Jay Hansen 
(425) 315-9025 | 

Chaplain: Dan Doyle 
(425) 773-2400 | 

Judge Advocate appointed: Jim Traner 
(425) 218-0101 | 

Officer of the Day: Jim Traner
(425) 218-0101 | 

Guard appointed: John Shelton
(206) 546-5476 

1st Year Trustee: Kerry Watkins 
(425) 478-9739 |

2nd Year Trustee: Donald Stapleton 
(425) 743-4435 | 

3rd Year Trustee: Mike Denton 
(425) 280-3757 | 

VFW Post 8870 Proposed 2021-2022 Officers

The photo above is of the swearing in ceremony of the 2018-19 officers at the May 2018 Post meeting. A reminder of the both the job at hand and how we normally do things. Let us all look forward to doing it this way again, rather than virtually. 

News from VFW National

Complete the VFW’s 2021 COVID-19 Health Survey

Complete the VFW’s 2021 COVID-19 Health Survey: Last April the VFW tallied responses to our COVID-19 survey and used that data to advocate for veterans with Congress and VA. The VFW has developed a follow-up survey to evaluate your health care experiences, how your health care may have changed in the last 6 months, and your perceptions of your overall physical and mental health over the past 30 days. Your feedback is vital to our advocacy efforts and to compile a report on this important topic. Help the VFW hold VA and Congress accountable by taking this short survey regarding your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take the survey: (enter this address in your browser) 

Sign Up For COVID-19 Vaccine at VA

Sign Up For COVID-19 Vaccine at VA: Veterans, spouses, caregivers, or CHAMPVA recipients need to sign up to let VA know you would like to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Once signed up, you will be contacted by VA as soon as a vaccine is available for you. Be advised that availability will differ by location. VA encourages everyone to take the first opportunity you have to receive the vaccine. (Whether from VA or state and local providers) 

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

March 29 is set aside to honor the men and women who served and sacrificed during the longest conflict in United States history. Involving five U.S. presidents, and over five million American service men & women, it left an indelible mark on the American psyche. This year we were not able to gather for an observance of the occasion that means so much to such a large group of Post 8870 members, but we remember it here and remember to tell these veterans they are “Welcome Home”

Memorial Day Planning

It appears that the Memorial Day events at the Edmonds Cemetery will not be held again this year due to the ongoing pandemic. The Post will conduct its own small ceremony at the Edmonds Veterans Plaza on Monday, May 31, so mark that event on your calendar. Check next month’s edition of this newsletter for more detailed information.

Memorial Day Planning

Military Trivia

Military Trivia

by Carl Kurfess 


Inexperienced person. 

Mules have irksome and painful qualities, so those that ran the mule-trains of the mid-19th century American army would shave off the tail of any new mule as a warning to others that its behavior might be unpredictable. It was not long before the troops were using the term for any newcomer. By the time of the Spanish-American war of 1898, “Shavetail” had become specific to describe a newly commissioned lieutenant. 

Works cited: Donald, G., Wiest, A., & Shepherd, W. (2013). Sticklers, Sideburns and Bikinis: The military origins of everyday words and phrases. Bloomsbury Publishing.