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March Post Meeting 

Jim Armstrong

Following yet another excellent meal put together by our favorite USN culinary expert, Parnia Parvini, Jim Armstrong, one of our newer members, was our speaker. 

Jim gave us an overview of his service in Iraq and Afghanistan, as an NCO of a bridge building engineer unit. It is always interesting to hear of the experience of veterans who served in different capacities, times and places from our own. 

Jeff McKinney

At this meeting we welcomed a new transfer member, Navy veteran Jeff McKinney. McKinney recently moved here from Pennsylvania. Welcome aboard Jeff! 

Election of Post Officers 

Nominations will be taken from the membership present and elections held for Post Officers for the 2023-24 VFW year at the April Post Meeting.

In other news: 

  • We are working on the details for the proposed raffle of one of Mike Reagan’s signed celebrity portraits as a fundraiser for the post. We anticipate that the raffle will be held and the prize awarded at the annual Christmas party in December. Details such as the timing of ticket sales and how best to promote it are under discussion. 
  • We will have beach clean-up event on Saturday May 6 as our contribution to the VFW National Service dayof Service. The plan is to meet on the Edmonds waterfront @ 9 AM. 
  • The new MIA/KIA banner “proofs” have been approved by Jim Traner. We expect to have them available for Memorial Day. 
  • The Memorial Day Ceremony at the Edmonds Memorial Cemetery will recognize all Purple Heart Recipients. 
  • A “Heroes in the Ball Park” event is scheduled in Tacoma later this spring. Anyone who is interested can contact Carl Kurfess for details.

“Team Mojo” Presents Check to Heroes’ Cafe 

“Team Mojo” Presents Check to Heroes’ Cafe
Edmonds-Woodway High School Senior Moses Martin and his dad and granddad, present a check for $9,999.99 (a nod to Moses’s football number) to Heroes Cafe! 

Edmonds-Woodway High School senior and defensive linebacker Moses “Mojo” Martin is combining his respect for war veterans and his passion for football into a creative fundraiser aimed at supporting the Heroes’ Cafe. 

The Heroes’ Cafe provides a place where veterans can share common experiences and open up and get things off their chests in a safe environment. By doing so, the cafe addresses the sense of isolation many veterans feel and ease their transition from active duty back to society. 

“I really love our veterans,” explained Martin. “I learned about them growing up, and feel they are underappreciated and underloved for what they do. Sadly, many of our hero veterans are not thriving and are struggling with homelessness, hunger, mental health, suicide risks, and basic living needs. So I contacted Snohomish County to ask how I could help.” 

That’s where he learned about the Heroes’ Café, and after a bit of thought and discussion with his dad, came up with a plan to link his performance on the field to raising funds to support this effort. 

“Dad and I came up with the idea to allow people to pledge a certain amount per tackle or sack, with every cent going to the Heroes’ Café,” he explained. “I’m eager to get out there this season and ring up a good string of tackles and quarterback sacks, and this will give me even more motivation. Heck, if just one person pledges a dollar for each and I complete a hundred by season end, that’s a hundred bucks for the Heroes’ Café.” He had a terrific season and ended it by donating far more than $ 100.00 to Heroes’ Cafe! 

Helping with the Easter Egg Hunt 

Helping with the Easter Egg Hunt

At the March Post meeting, Quartermaster Jim Traner put out a call for volunteers to help the Rotary Club of Edmonds Daybreakers in putting on the club’s annual Easter Egg Hunt at Frances Anderson Playfield. Traner, as well as several others of our Post, is also a member of the Daybreakers Rotary. 

On Saturday, April 8, Commander Carl Kurfess and House Committee Chair Parnia Parvini, joined Past Commander Mike Denton to support this event. (Jim Traner was on the sick list that day.) 

Plenty of candy and prizes were collected by three age groups of children on Saturday, April 8.

The Easter Bunny joined the festivities as well! (Photo courtesy MyEdmondsNews) 

Memorial Day Poppies 

Memorial Day Poppies

On Friday May 26 & Saturday May 27, members of Post 8870 will be distributing “Buddy Poppies” at QFC stores at Westgate in Edmonds & at Mukilteo Speedway as well as at Town & Country Market in Mill Creek. Stop by. Sign up at the April Post Meeting or online. 

In Flanders fields the poppies blow 
Between the crosses row on row… 

Never Forget

In Memoriam

General Colin Powell 1937-2021 

In Memoriam

He once said of himself, “Powell is a problem-solver. He was taught as a soldier to solve problems. So he has views, but he’s not an ideologue. He has passion, but he’s not a fanatic. He’s first and foremost a problem-solver.” 

Powell, who grew up in New York City, the son of Jamaican immigrants, served in the Army for 35 years. He was a man of many firsts: He was the first Black national security adviser, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State.