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Flag Retirement Party

The Scouts (Cub and Boy) had a flag retirement ceremony at the Nile Country Club and VFW Posts 8870, 1040, and American Legion Posts 66 with two other Posts had a picnic for the Scouts. Unfortunately, most of the Scouts were on an outing so members of 8870 and 66 outnumbered everyone else. However, the food was good, the weather was nice, and we all had a good time. Trustee Les Abel is going to approach the new Fire Marshall in Edmonds and seek permission to have the flag retirement ceremony conducted in Edmonds were it was held for a number of years before the previous Fire Marshall decided, for unknown reasons, to ban the burning of flags in the City park.

American Legion Post 66 Votes to Put Building up for Sale

Since a large number of our Post are also members of the American Legion in Edmonds, I thought I would pass along the latest news regarding that Post‘s home. As many of you know, the building is badly in need of repair. The roof needs replacing as does the siding. The floors have been damaged due to roof leaks. Therefore, at the August meeting of Post 66, a resolution was passed to sell their building. We wish Post 66 the best and, hopefully, they will find a buyer and a new building quickly. If you know of anyone that is interested in purchasing the real estate, let Ron Clyborne (452-771-1303), their listing agent, know.

National POW/MIA Recognition Day

There are 1,741 American personnel listed by the Defense Department’s POW/MIA Office as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War, as of April 2009. The number of United States personnel accounted for since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 is 841. About 90 percent of the 1,741 people still missing were lost in Vietnam or areas of Laos and Cambodia under Vietnam’s wartime control, according to the National League of Families website (cited in the United States Army website).

The United States Congress passed a resolution authorizing National POW/MIA Recognition Day to be observed on July 18, 1979. It was observed on the same date in 1980 and was held on July 17 in 1981 and 1982. It was then observed on April 9 in 1983 and July 20 in 1984. The event was observed on July 19 in 1985, and then from 1986 onwards the date moved to the third Friday of September. The United States president each year proclaims National POW/MIA Recognition Day. Washington state also proclaimed POW/MIA Recognition Day on the third Friday in September.


On Saturday, August 20th, 10 members of the Post (excluding Mike) and a number of spouses attended a presentation by Mike at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field. Thanks to Phil Sacks, the Museum of Flight waived the entrance fee for VFW members. It was a great presentation since there was enough time to see several video clips that various news organizations had done about the Fallen Heroes Project including national broadcasts by NBC and ABC, At the conclusion of the presentation, Mike presented a portrait to the family of Bill Holloman, a Tuskeegee Airman who had passed away. Two Tuskeegee fliers were present in the audience for the presentation.

Tha Last Word

I‘ll be in San Antonio when you receive this newsletter attending the National Convention. I keep trying to limit the number of pages I publish but to no avail. I think I‘ll give up on that goal. The Post is too active and there is too much information to convey to the members to arbitrarily limit the page count. We have added a couple of columns this month for the Chaplain and the President of the Ladies Auxiliary. And please note, the header on page one now reads “…and Ladies Auxiliary” as this newsletter will now be mailed to their members. We have had the best Chaplains over my years as Commander in Ed Gray and Dexter Miller and we have another fine one in Rock Roth. We are blessed in that department (pun intended). President Ehlers of the Auxiliary makes a plea for membership and all of you who have wives, daughters, etc. should consider making a gift of a life membership for them. Like my wife and daughters, they may still be working and not have time to be active in the Auxiliary, but they are the strongest supporters of veterans and veterans‘ issues that I have found in our society. So stop by the next meeting and pick up an application from the ladies. Both the Post and Auxiliary must grow their membership this year to remain strong and viable.

The Pictures on the Banners

HM2 Charles L. Milam, Navy, 5/14/81-9/25/07 from Lake Forest Park;  Cpl. Steven Rintamaki, USMC, 6/17/83-9/16/04 from Lynnwood;  1st Lt. Nicholas A. Madrazo, USMC, 11/14/82-9/9/08 from Bothell.  Carrying the banner from our Post are Jeffrey Carlock (in the dress whites) and next to him is John Harrison.   Brian Seguin from Post 1040 is on the right.

The Pictures on the Banners

Member Timm Lovitt Participates in Town Hall Meeting with ABC Newsman Bob Woodruff

Member Timm Lovitt Participates in Town Hall Meeting with ABC Newsman Bob Woodruff

Timm, on the right, and Bob Woodruff in the center spoke on TBI (traumatic brain injury) during a symposium on veteran issues during a recent Town Hall Meeting in Seattle.  Both Bob and Timm suffered TBI in Iraq, Bob as a reporter and Timm while serving as a sergeant with the Army.   It was an interesting evening.  Bob Woodruff spoke of his career and the devastating injury to his brain and the long road to recovery.   The panel of experts then discussed veterans issues such as transition back to civilian life, homelessness, suicides among veterans, and many other issues that plague the veteran community.  While only two of us from 8870 were able to attend due to the short notice, we made sure that Timm knew we were there to support him.  Its great to see our younger vets like Timm, have a positive influence on veteran’s issues.  By the way, Timm graduated from Seattle University the day before this event took place and is now enrolling in the Masters program at SU.  He works as a Vet Corp representative in the Washington State Veterans Affairs and travels to the colleges in Washington discussing TBI and how the student veteran can cope and the support services the colleges can provide.

The picture above was taken in a private reception for Bob preceding the panel discussion.  I more or less (mostly more), invited myself to the affair after walking through a monsoon and looking like a wet dog.  However, Bob Woodruff was a gracious guy when Timm asked if the two of us could have our photo taken with him.  It ended up the reception was more or less a Who’s Who of veterans issues and it was great spending some time chatting with the folks there, even if I didn’t have an official nametag.

Fourth of July Parade

When Martin Spani, Post 1040’s Commander and I attended the Convention in Yakima, the meeting hall, hallways, and dining room were draped with the pictures of our young KIA’s from this state.  It was a sober reminder why we need to be here for the next generation of veterans.  Martin borrowed five of the banners shown following the convention.  These young men were all from this area.  The project is the creation of a Gold Star mother from Spokane who has created a banner for each KIA from the state of Washington and we were honored to carry them and show the crowd the face of sacrifice—not just some name published in the newspaper.  I wasn’t sure of the impact these had until a fellow in my office building popped into my office and told me his wife who attended the parade, was brought to tears when she saw these banners.

We had a great turnout for the parade and even a bigger turnout for the BBQ at the  Legion Hall afterwards.  Of course, there were a few faces in there eating our food we didn’t recognize, but what the heck, it was a great BBQ thanks to Tom Hallums of our Post who put the entire event together by himself.  He is now permanently in charge of it.

Flag Retirement Picnic

The Boy Scouts will be holding their annual Flag Retirement Ceremony at the Nile Country Club on August 6th.  In conjunction with that ceremony, Post 1040, our Post, American Legion Posts 66. 37, and 234 will be attending.  It will be held in Nile Area C (the same place as last year if you attended).  While lunch is at 1200 hours, we need volunteers to arrive at 1030 to assist in the setup.  If you can’t make it to the early shift, we need folks to assist in serving food and in the cleanup and tear down following the picnic.  This is a lot of fun and hopefully summer will have arrived by then.  If not, bring your Gortex and enjoy a hotdog or hamburger and the camaraderie of your fellow veterans.