Nisei Veterans Day of Remembrance

Nisei Veterans Day of Remembrance: Community film screening and discussion

Community Film Screening and Discussion
3 p.m. Thursday, Feb 20
Black Box Theatre
Edmonds Community College
20000 68th Ave. W, Lynnwood
Free and Open to the public

The event will feature 2 films: “Proof of Loyalty” and “Honor and Sacrifice”. Both are by Lucy Ostrander and Don Sellers. After the films we will have a discussion panel with both of the film makers and Joyce Yamane, whose father is featured in Proof of Loyalty and Karen Matsumoto, daughter of Roy Matsumoto who is featured in Honor and Sacrifice. 

Michael Reagan did a series of drawings related to the Nisei (2nd Generation) Veterans and will bring a poster of them to the event. The event and films shed light on the living conditions and treatment of Japanese Americans both before America entered WWII, and after December 7th when many Americans of Japanese descent were sent to internment camps. Some of the people living in the camps joined the Military and served in one of two segregated units (100th or 442nd) that served with great distinction in Europe.