Past Commander Fred Apgar checks off bucket list item …from a perfectly good airplane

Despite having moved to the other side of the country, Past Commander Fred Apgar continues to keep his VFW membership at Edmonds Post 9/11. Fred regularly attends Post meetings on Zoom, even when we have in-person meetings. Fred posted this report recently on Facebook: 

“Yesterday, (Sept 6) I crossed off another adventure from my bucket list. I drove to Statesboro, a town about an hour’s drive from Savannah. My destination was the Jumping Place, a drop zone and sky diving center at the Bulloch County Airport. In tandem, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and enjoyed nearly ten minutes of thrills and pure adventure. Casey was my TI (Tandem Instructor), he has made more than 7,000 jumps, and he was terrific. We exited the plane at an elevation of 11,500 feet and free fell for about a minute before the chute was deployed (it was my job to pull the cord, but I was so excited, I forgot to do it), and we enjoyed about eight minutes in the air on our descent. The parachute was incredibly easy to steer, and on our descent we did some acrobatics before we made a soft landing on our butts.”