Post Meeting to Continue In “Hybrid”

Your choice; in person or “Zoom” 

After more than a year of COVID quarantine, we met in person for our April meeting and will once again be meeting at the Edmonds American Legion Hall on May 19 at 6:00 pm. We are still in the phase of needing to keep the hall at 50 percent capacity, but do not anticipate a problem, since our regular Post meetings rarely approach that number of attendees. 

We expect members attending in person to be masked and to maintain social distancing. We are not yet able to serve meals again, so plan on supper before or after the meeting. 

If you are not yet vaccinated, or just not comfortable attending in person, you are welcome to sign in to participate via Zoom. ( ) The Post has invested in new equipment to better facilitate the Zoom option and we expect to continue to provide it. We look forward to seeing all of our comrades once again. 

The installation of Post Officers for the coming 2021-22 VFW year will take place this monthe. The new officers, elected at the April Post meeting are shown below.