Tha Last Word

I‘ll be in San Antonio when you receive this newsletter attending the National Convention. I keep trying to limit the number of pages I publish but to no avail. I think I‘ll give up on that goal. The Post is too active and there is too much information to convey to the members to arbitrarily limit the page count. We have added a couple of columns this month for the Chaplain and the President of the Ladies Auxiliary. And please note, the header on page one now reads “…and Ladies Auxiliary” as this newsletter will now be mailed to their members. We have had the best Chaplains over my years as Commander in Ed Gray and Dexter Miller and we have another fine one in Rock Roth. We are blessed in that department (pun intended). President Ehlers of the Auxiliary makes a plea for membership and all of you who have wives, daughters, etc. should consider making a gift of a life membership for them. Like my wife and daughters, they may still be working and not have time to be active in the Auxiliary, but they are the strongest supporters of veterans and veterans‘ issues that I have found in our society. So stop by the next meeting and pick up an application from the ladies. Both the Post and Auxiliary must grow their membership this year to remain strong and viable.

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