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Post Celebrates 100 Years for Ed and Buck

WWII Vets Mark Century Birthday

Edmonds VFW Post 8870 and American Legion Post 66 joined forces on Saturday, Aug. 18, to celebrate two members who turned 100 years old: Ed Shepherd, on July 4 and Buck Weaver on Aug. 9. Both men are WWII veterans. Ed had his Navy ship USS Helena sunk out from under him, surviving with 5 shipmates in a raft. Buck Flew P-39 fighters in the South Pacific for the USAAC. We are grateful to have them with us.

Post Celebrates 100 Years for Ed and Buck WWII Vets Mark Century Birthday

Post Celebrates 100 Years for Ed and Buck WWII Vets Mark Century Birthday

Post Celebrates 100 Years for Ed and Buck WWII Vets Mark Century Birthday

Top to bottom: Ed Shepherd & Buck Weaver enjoy happy birthday wishes. Both men blow out symbolic candles. (200 -100 each candles would have far exceeded fire code!) 


 Post Celebrates 100 Years for Ed and Buck WWII Vets Mark Century Birthday

At top, Nancy Thompson, VFW Post 8870’s 2016 teacher of the year singing an original composition of hers for our honorees. Ms. Thompson teaches at Lake Serene Elementary in Mukilteo. She also led a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday”. 

Birthday Celebration Slated for Post Centenarians!

Birthday Celebration Slated for Post Centenarians!On Saturday, August 18, at 4:00 PM, VFW Post 8870 and American Legion Post 66 will gather to celebrate the 100th birthdays of two of our members; Buck Weaver, World War II fighter pilot and Ed Shepherd, Navy Veteran, also of World War II. Please join us for a spaghetti dinner, beverages and celebration of our senior comrades. All are invited, bring family and friends.

Birthday Celebration Slated for Post Centenarians!We have previously run extensive biographies on both men in these pages, which are easily found in a search on our Post 8870 web. site.

Ed Shepherd Celebrates Centennial: born on the 4th of July

The World War II veteran, who survived the sinking of a Navy ship in 1943 and raised a family that honors his humor as well as his heroism, celebrated his 100th birthday on the Fourth of July.

Ed Shepherd Celebrates Centennial

Shepherd waved from a float during the parade in Edmonds on the 4th. Then he gathered with loved ones at a post-parade barbecue and party at the Elks Lodge. He shared a long table with four generations of his family, including his brother, daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Friends sat around other tables.

Edgar Shepherd survived the sinking of the USS Helena in the Battle of Kula Gulf. The light cruiser, which had come through the Pearl Harbor attack, was tasked with protecting other ships in the South Pacific during the Guadalcanal campaign. The Helena went down on July 6, 1943. Nearly 170 crewmen died. Shepherd was part of a group that clung to a lifeboat.

Ed Shepherd Celebrates CentennialHe kept a dollar bill signed by the sailors who survived. It was one of two bills he had in his pocket at the time. He used the other bill, a five, to pay for telegrams so they could tell their families they were alive.

Shepherd was born in Pennsylvania, one of four brothers. He joined the Navy after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. On the USS Helena, he worked in the plotting room, which included the control system for the guns. He also fought in the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

After finishing his time at sea, he helped start a Navy reserve center in Colorado before moving to California to help his uncle open a doughnut shop. He got a job in Los Angeles at an electrical company where he worked for 24 years.

A friend persuaded him to visit Seattle, and Shepherd bought a house in Edmonds. He lives there with daughter Paula Kilbourne.

She once offered to take him whitewater rafting. He turned her down. She asked if he didn’t think she’d be a good guide. That’s not it, he told her. He clung to a rubber raft, adrift in dark waters after the USS Helena sank. He wasn’t interested in getting on a raft again.

Photos The Herald, Article excerpted from The Herald article by Kari Bray, July 5, 2018