Buddy Poppies—We Need Help

When I first became active in VFW, I was very hesitant to volunteer handing out Poppies on Veterans Day and Memorial Day. I overcame my reluctance when the Poppy Chairman one year almost broke my arm to get me to sign up for a shift. Since then, I don’t believe I’ve missed a single Poppy drive. Why? Because it isn’t like having a root canal, in fact, it is a very satisfying experience. Folks are down right friendly to us and you end up meeting some very interesting folks. In the past, I’ve met a woman who served in the German Army in WWII as a radar operator and fled to the Americans at the end of the war. I’ve met veterans who have served in every war from WWII to the present and sons and daughters of veterans including one who survived the Bataan Death march. I’ve had a Korean couple thank us for saving their country and best of all, we have handed out hundreds of brochures, primarily to school children, explaining why the Poppy is a symbol of Veterans Day.

We work in teams so you’re never alone and the shifts aren’t that long—typically 4 hours. All the funds we raise are dedicated to our Relief Fund and aren’t used to support the Post. So consider helping out because at the same time, you’ll really be helping out the various places we spend our funds like the NMS, Fisher Houses, and active duty military folks who need Christmas gifts for their children and can’t afford them.

We will be at several stores on November 7th and 8th. If you can help (and we no longer break arms like mine was), let us know. Call Bob Crawford at 206-909-4893 or email quartermaster@vfw8870.org.