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Buddy Poppies

at the Edmonds Farmers Market 

The Post will once again man a booth at the Edmonds Farmers Market on a Saturday in September to distribute Buddy Poppies and “show the flag” to the public and potential new members. This event is tentatively scheduled for September 25. We will be set up by the market opening time of 9:00 AM and continue until 2:00 PM. we do need volunteers to for set up/take down and to man the booth during the day. You can do a morning shift, an afternoon shift or both. 

Sign ups will be held at the August Post meeting. See Senior Vice Commander and Poppy Chair Duane Bowman. 

Buddy Poppies

In the photo at right are Post Chaplain Dan Doyle and then Commander Mike Denton at a similar event in 1919, set up much as we will be in September. 

Looking ahead to Veterans Day. Buddy Poppy distribution will take place November 5 & 6 at our usual locations in the area. Sign-ups will begin at the September Post meeting 

Veterans Day Observance and Buddy Poppies

We will once again be unable to man our usual “Buddy Poppy” Tables due to Covid 19 restrictions at the stores. Hopefully, the situation will change by next spring for Memorial Day, but in the meantime we will pursue some virtual poppy drive activity via Facebook and our local news outlets, as we did last spring. 

In addition to our poppy efforts, our artist in residence, Mike Reagan is providing a collection of signed posters of local sports celebs, which will be auctioned off, again in a virtual format, with the proceeds going to our Veterans Relief Fund. Many thanks to Mike for his generosity. The mutual support of Reagan’s foundation and our post continues to be mutually beneficial. 

Past Commander Jim Traner has been working on creating a new Post 8870 Foundation under a 501(c) 3 structure the will allow us to fund drive using the Facebook format and perhaps solicit larger donations for which we will then be eligible. Be sure to attend our Zoom Post meeting on line to help the post get to work on these activities. 

Veterans Day Observance 

At this writing the plan is to form up at the American Legion Hall at around 10:00 AM on Saturday, November 7, parade to the Edmonds Veterans Plaza and hold a short ceremony there at 11:00 AM. We want to maintain proper social distances, so we are not promoting for a huge crods, however, the Holiday Market will be operating adjacent to the plaza, which may well draw a few more people. Listen for details at the October Post meeting and via email soon.  

Buddy Poppies & Other Fund Raising Ideas

Buddy Poppies & Other Fund Raising Ideas

Veterans Day is moving in on the horizon and our semi-annual “Buddy Poppy” drive along with it. Once again, as with Memorial Day, the Covid pandemic will preclude our presence at the local supermarkets to distribute Poppies. Our virtual Poppy Drive was surprisingly successful in May for Memorial Day and we expect to revisit that effort for Veterans Day, beginning early in October. 

You can all help by sharing our promotional materials on your own social media and encouraging your friends and family to donate. All of the recipients of our Relief fund will continue to need our support and that of our community. 

An additional fund raising project, involving the online public auction of some of Mike Reagan’s celebrity sports figure sketches, is in the planning stages. We will have more information on that project soon. Stay tuned.

The Commander’s Corner

Buddy Poppies 

Post 8870 members have good reason to be proud of their efforts distributing “Buddy Poppies” over the Veterans Day weekend. Pretty much all of our active members who are physically able to participate did so. The result is a healthy boost to our Relief Fund and a great deal of community exposure for the post. I can’t speak for everyone, but I really enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories of their own or their families’ service. It wasn’t always comfortable weather wise, but we hung in there and got the job done.

Our thanks to Past Commander Jim Traner for reaching out to the DAV leadership and making arrangements to avoid conflicts next year. And thank you all for your hard work.


More Poppy Kudos 

On Monday, the Veterans Day observed holiday, I received a call from a teacher at Cedarcrest Elementary School in Marysville who was looking for some poppies for their student assembly to be held on Tuesday Nov 13. It seems that several years ago, Past Commander Fred Apgar had made some poppies available to them and they were out of stock.

The teacher had approached two other VFW Posts (who shall remain nameless) who she said were unable to help her and she found her way to me through Fred. It was already late in the day and my wife had the car, but I told her I had a bag of around 100 poppies in the car if we could find a way to get them to her. This teacher drove all the way down from Marysville to my home in north Lynnwood to pick the poppies up for her school’s event the following day. She also brought a check for the Relief Fund in the amount of $ 50.00 and invited us to speak at her school next year. Thank you, Fred, for helping to make the Post what it is today.

Veterans Day “Buddy Poppies”

Veterans Day Buddy PoppiesA number of our comrades signed up to distribute Poppies on Friday and Saturday, November 9 & 10 at the September Post meeting.

Those of us participating in the “Veterans in the Schools” program will need to coordinate our school presentations with our Poppy schedule to avoid conflict.

Sign up sheets will again be available at the Post meeting on October 18.

All of our Veterans Day Events are extremely rewarding to participants. Please join us.

Veterans Day Buddy Poppy distribution

Veterans Day Buddy Poppy distribution.Once again, Post 8870 members and friends will distribute Buddy Poppies at four locations, the weekend preceding Veterans Day.

On Friday and Saturday, November 3 &4 , we will be at the QFC at Westgate in Edmonds, The QFC on Mukilteo Speedway and at Fred Meyer off 164th in north Lynnwood.

On Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5, we will have a crew at the Central Market in Mill Creek.

This is, as we say in the USN, an all hands evolution. As this is being written, we are short handed at QFC Mukilteo, Fri. AM & Sat. PM and at Central market for both Sat & Sun all shifts. If you have not yet signed up, please do so at the Post meeting on October 22 or Contact Bob Crawford (email bobcrawford33@hotmail.com or phone 206-9094893) to arrange your shift. If you have already signed up, consider adding another shift to your schedule at either Mukilteo or Mill Creek.


Your Commander will be at QFC in Mukilteo on Friday and at Central Market on Saturday and Sunday and would love to see you at either location.

Relief Fund Budget

The Post veterans relief and community programs are funded entirely from donations received in conjunction with our semi annual distribution of “ Buddy Poppies” around the Veterans Day and Memorial Day observances.

Our Post Chaplain, Dan Doyle and the Relief Committee he chairs, which includes Jim Blossey, Carl Kurfuss, and Rose Gilliland, have prepared the following proposed budget for the current fiscal year, to be voted on at this month’s meeting.

Buddy Poppies

My blatant plea for assistance went unheeded last month so I won’t try it this month. However, twice a year we raise in the proximity of $11-$12,000 which are the funds we use to support our veteran and current service member communities. Unlike a lot of requests you receive, our funds stay in our community for the most part and virtually all of it stays in our state. So if you can’t find the time to assist us in our Poppy distribution, consider drop-ping a check made payable to:

VFW Post 8870
PO Box 701
Edmonds, WA 98020
Remember that your donation is tax deductible and, better, not a single penny of our Relief Fund is used for administrative expenses with the exception of the purchase of Poppies which are made by veterans here in Washington State. We’d love to have your company when we distribute Poppies but your generous donation will be equally appreciated.

Buddy Poppies—We Need Help

When I first became active in VFW, I was very hesitant to volunteer handing out Poppies on Veterans Day and Memorial Day. I overcame my reluctance when the Poppy Chairman one year almost broke my arm to get me to sign up for a shift. Since then, I don’t believe I’ve missed a single Poppy drive. Why? Because it isn’t like having a root canal, in fact, it is a very satisfying experience. Folks are down right friendly to us and you end up meeting some very interesting folks. In the past, I’ve met a woman who served in the German Army in WWII as a radar operator and fled to the Americans at the end of the war. I’ve met veterans who have served in every war from WWII to the present and sons and daughters of veterans including one who survived the Bataan Death march. I’ve had a Korean couple thank us for saving their country and best of all, we have handed out hundreds of brochures, primarily to school children, explaining why the Poppy is a symbol of Veterans Day.

We work in teams so you’re never alone and the shifts aren’t that long—typically 4 hours. All the funds we raise are dedicated to our Relief Fund and aren’t used to support the Post. So consider helping out because at the same time, you’ll really be helping out the various places we spend our funds like the NMS, Fisher Houses, and active duty military folks who need Christmas gifts for their children and can’t afford them.

We will be at several stores on November 7th and 8th. If you can help (and we no longer break arms like mine was), let us know. Call Bob Crawford at 206-909-4893 or email quartermaster@vfw8870.org.

Commanders Column By Jim Blossey

It is a genuine privilege to have been chosen to be your Commander. I thank you all for your support and ask for your continued efforts as we move forward.

I am more fortunate than most incoming Commanders in that I have two exceptional predecessors to guide me and—where need be—correct me: Fred Apgar and Jim Traner. What a comfort it is to know that I can fall back on the knowledge and wisdom of these two models of effective leadership. Comrade Commanders, your example has been extraordinary and has definitely set a high standard for the future.

I am also greatly encouraged to see the dedication and experience of the active membership of VFW Post 8870. You members are the ones that have made this post one of the best in the district, if not the state. No other post even comes close to generating the amount of revenue that we do from the distribution of Buddy Poppies.

More revenue means that we can do much more through our Relief Fund. As one of four members of your relief committee, I have been perhaps more closely informed about the various causes that we support. We have taken the job seriously, researching each organization in depth and not committing even one cent until we are fully convinced that doing so is the best use of our funds. I plan to stay on with the Relief Committee and will continue to exercise close fiduciary responsibility.

The motto of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is “No One Does More for Veterans.” At Post 8870 our relief efforts reflect that, either in direct veteran support, or in support of current active duty military or of local youth.Besides financial support, each year the VFW as a whole donates more than 13 million volunteer hours of community service. Post 8870 continues to carry more than our share of those hours. From a personal point of view I am proud and honored to be a part of such an organization. So as your new Commander, what could possibly improve on such a record? Actually, I have two items on my agenda; they will be the topic of my column next month. Stay tuned.