Christmas Toy Drive – Covid Style

Christmas Toy Drive - Covid Style

Since we are unable to hold our regular VFW/Legion Christmas Party (a disappointment to all) we will also not be able to hold our annual toy drive for the Edmonds Toy Box program for underprivileged children. For many years we have gathered a substantial number of unwrapped toys as part of our celebration, for distribution to children of families in need. 

Christmas Toy Drive - Covid Style

Chaplain Dan Doyle contacted Teri’s Toy Box owner Teri Soelter in downtown Edmonds and arranged to place a Box in the store marked for VFW’s Toy drive. The idea is to encourage store customers to purchase an extra toy while shopping and place it in the box. Doyle is delivering those toys to the Edmonds Toy Box and reports collecting enough to fill two garbage bags at pick up time the first week. Post Surgeon Jay Hansen designed a sign for the box, Post Commander Rose Gilliland decorated the box and delivered it to the store. 

In the photo above, Past Commander Mike Denton is with owner Teri Soelter after dropping A few new toys in the box. 

Everyone is encouraged to visit Teri’s Toy box at 420 Main St in downtown Edmonds, to help us make some kid’s Christmas brighter. Here is an opportunity to both support a long time local business and help underprivileged children at the same time. Just select and purchase a toy for any age range and place it in the box, located adjacent to the store’s point of purchase. It is a real “feel good” moment. (May as well pick up some last minute items for the kids and grandkids at the same time!)