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March Post Meeting Cancelled Due to Corona Virus!

March Post Meeting Cancelled Due to Corona Virus!

No doubt you have all been following the news regarding the Covid-19 pandemic over the past month or so, and have seen the announcements coming out of Federal, State and Local governments calling for cancellation of larger group gatherings and warnings to those of sensitive groups. (People over the age of 60 and others with certain existing medical conditions, which, unfortunately includes many of us.) 

Your Commander has, in discussion with the other Post officers, decided that the risk is great enough for many of our members to cancel our usual meeting on the third Wednesday. 

Commander Gilliland and your Post officers will do our best to keep you informed of further developments and to continute planning for our usual activities going forward. Meanwhile, as our Comrade Ron Clyborne suggested to us today, consider spending some time at the Edmonds Veterans Plaza, thinking of all of our comrades who have gone before us. If you are there at the right time of day, there is an excellent chance you will encounter Mike Reagan and others of of our membership. (But not too closely we hope) 

Wash your hands a lot. Keep away from large crowds. Try to avoid physical contact with other people. Stay well and we will meet soon.