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News from Department of Washington

News from Department of Washington

To say “Time has flown by” would be a welcomed phrase for 2020. I don’t think there is anyone that would say they’re sad to see the end of this year. What is sad is how fast this command year is going. Not being able to travel much has really focused my efforts on upgrading both the Service Division and HQ. Lots of changes have taken place since installation; from our website to our Service Division restructure, we have been moving our Department into the 21st Century, finally. You’ll notice on our website “real-time” reporting; “How to” links; as well as all the information you need from all our committee chairs. We enhanced HQ with FOUR new heating and air cooling systems and upgraded our internet service. Our Zoom account was not only purchased but due to an overwhelming amount of participants, we upgraded to an “unlimited” account. A great problem to have. Now, National is trying their best to support not only our Department but ALL Posts that are having financial “challenges.” 

Midwinter is still a “go” for now, but for those that don’t want to travel, or feel uncomfortable around others, all of midwinter will be broadcast on Zoom. The midwinter banquet is not going to happen during midwinter. It will be rescheduled for Spring if we’re able to hold it. 

Our Department’s 100th birthday is coming up, and for now, we plan on having a 20’s ball! Our birthday is on May 12th so our gala is scheduled for the night of the 8th. Let’s hope we can hold it! 

That’s where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Let’s hope 2021 allows us to get back to what we do as a VFW: taking care of our Veterans, their families, but more importantly each other! Please, stay healthy, stay safe, and have a great New Year! 

Detective Nicole Stone Post 8870, District 1 & Department of Washington: Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Detective Nicole Stone  Post 8870, District 1 & Department of Washington  Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

It is always gratifying to see our Post honorees advance to the next level and we had the opportunity to honor one such at the March Post meeting knowing the was eligible for the National award. 

Detective Nicole Stone  Post 8870, District 1 & Department of Washington  Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
L to R: Asst. Chief G. Koen, Detective John Ernst, Honoree Detective Nicole Stone, Sr Vice Commander Carl Kurfess, Chief Cheol Kang.

Detective Nicole Stone began her career in law enforcement working as an assistant to the Traffic Unit Sergeant in the Spokane Police Department, while attending Spokane Community College, studying Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement. Continuing her education, she became a Reserve Police Officer for the Spokane P.D. and worked as a Corrections Officer for Spokane County Jail. 

Since joining the Mukilteo P.D. in 2008, Stone has built an impressive record investigating and achieving convictions in major cases, including the notorious Chennault Beach Triple Murder case. She worked as co-lead for the house party triple murder case, which garnered nationwide media attention. She received the Mukilteo Police Department Commendation Award for her work on this case. Since 2015, Stone has been one of the elite investigators chosen from all police agencies county wide forming the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team. 

Post 8870 is proud to be able to recognize Detective Stone’s work and to sponsor her to the District 1 and now Department of Washington and potentially national awards. Our thanks for her dedication to public safety. 

 L to R: Asst. Chief G. Koen, Detective John Ernst, Honoree Detective Nicole Stone, Sr Vice Commander Carl Kurfess, Chief Cheol Kang

Help Post 8870 to Take Credit for All You Do

nl0916-vfwOur Post needs your assistance in reporting all of the community service activities in which you have been involved each month.

If you attend the meeting, record these activities on the sheet provided at the Guard’s desk.

If you cannot attend, list activities in which you were involved and send this information via email to Post Surgeon Al boyett. This information is submitted to the VFW Department of Washington and is needed to justify the non-profit status we have been granted.

Be sure to include the number of hours in which you were engaged in the activity, mileage incurred, and any out-of-pocket expenses.

Examples of community service activities that qualify include:

  • Involvement in organizing a blood drive and/or donating blood
  • Involvement in a recycling program
  • Picking up trash along streets
  • Volunteer work with organizations (schools, hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, museums, and/or other charitable service organizations)
  • Delivering donations to organizations
  • Volunteer time to assist in planning and conducting Veterans programs/parades/events
  • Transporting veterans for doctor’s appointments/VA hospital
  • Visiting disabled or housebound veterans to provide companionship
  • Involvement in fund raising efforts for local organizations
  • Donation of toys, funds, and assistance to those in need
  • Any donation of time and/or funds to churches and schools
  • Any activities that promote Americanism (flag flying, donations of flags, participating in parades, public ceremonies, flag raising ceremonies, placing flags on Veterans’ graves, guest speaking engagements, and so forth)
  • Involvement in community safety programs
  • Involvement in youth activities (youth sports, Boy/Girl Scouting, Special Olympics, etc.)
  • Mileage you incurred while involved in community service activities

If you have any questions, call Al at 425-481-9208.