Answer: Harry Miller

Harry Miller


The identity of the member is Harry Miller.

Bio:  Harry dropped out of high school to enlist in the Army.  He arrived in Europe in November of 1944, assigned to the 740th Tank Battalion.  As a crewman in a Sherman Tank, Harry found himself immediately immersed in the Battle of the Bulge.  Following the defeat of the Germans, Harry and his Battalion chased the Germans back across the Siegfried Line.  Harry left Germany in 1948 and was assigned to Gen. MacArthur’s Japan Occupation Headquarters.  When the Army refused to send Harry to Korea, he left the Army and enlisted in the Air Force and his desire to serve in Korea was granted.  During the Vietnam War, Harry was assigned to SAC Headquarters and served as a member of the Joint Targeting Task Force for B-52 operations  in Southeast Asia.  Harry retired as a Senior Master Sergeant after 22 years of service.  While living in Edmonds, Harry was a drummer in a local dance band.  After Helen, his wife of 37 years, died, Harry moved to a Veterans Home in Washington, D.C.