Post 8870 Teachers of the Year Nominated

Post 8870 Teacher of the Year Chair Sara Brannan has announced the following educators as Post 8870 teachers of the year. 

Elementary School 

Julie Bivins

Ms. Bivins teaches 5th grade at Serene Lake Elementary School in Mukilteo, fostering the development of democratic principles. Her teaching supports learning about American history, civic responsibility, flag etiquette, traditions and Americanism by including lessons that promote learning through relevant and engaging activities not only for her students, but also for staff members and the school community.

Middle School 

Marilyn Roberts 

Mrs. Roberts, of Cedarcrest Middle School in Marysville, teaches Social Studies to 6th & 7th grade students. For several years, Mrs. Roberts has requested Buddy Poppies from Post 8870 and has made a generous donation back to the Post from the distribution of Poppies during school assemblies. She has her students memorize Dr. Mc Crae’s poem “In Flanders Field” to teach them about WWI and the sacrifices made. In addition to the immediate students in her classroom, Mrs. Roberts has developed various programs for her school’s Veterans Day assemblies. She has a son currently on active service in the USAF. 

High School 

Tamara Harber 

Ms. Harber is a member of the faculty at Everett High School, where she teaches advanced Placement U.S. History to 11th grade students. In her classroom, she focuses on teaching the fundamentals of the principles that our country was created on. Another focus of her teaching of US History is the theme of national identity and pride in our country. In the past Ms. Harber has augmented her curriculum with trips to various sites that offer insight into our history, including The Flying heritage Museum and to a performance of the Broadway musical “Hamilton”. This year, she plans to visit Washington DC with a group of 20 students to visit our capitol.