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Recognizing Our New (Fifth) Armed Force 


United States Space Force
Recognizing Our New (Fifth) Armed Force

We have taken good natured liberties with all of our armed forces except our new friends in the U.S. Space Force, (still under the Dept of the Air Force, as USMC is the Dept of the Navy) so Commander Bowman has undertaken to include them with this offering, using a dig on their decidedly “Star Trek-ish” logo and dress uniform. 

“The U.S. Space Force protects our country and the freedom to operate in space, keeping it secure, stable and accessible for military space power and new waves of innovation. When our enemies ask “What if?”, we will have an answer.” 

We don’t know a great deal more than the foregoing, resulting from a google query about the Space Force and their mission and we don’t yet have any veterans of this branch in VFW. At some point some of those folks will presumbly be going”far foreign” (as we sailors say) and given the tendancy of the human race to fight wherever we go over just about anything, we will no doubt be welcoming some Space Force veterans into our ranks eventually.