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Wild Bill Crump… and “Jeep”

Wild Bill Crump… and Jeep

Planning has been underway for the annual Memorial Day ceremonies, held every year at the Edmonds Cemetery. The theme chosen for this year is observance of the 75th anniversary of World War II. We expect to honor veterans of that war still among us, as well as those who have since passed on. 

One of those to be so honored is a local veteran know to aviators everywhere as “Wild Bill” Crump. Crump flew P-51s among other aircraft and was rather unique in his choice of “co-pilot”, his pet coyote named “Jeep”, adopted as a pup. Crump claimed that Jeep flew five combat missions with him. 

As part of the observance the cemetery board asked Mike Reagan to prepare one of his famous sketch portraits. Crump’s family selected the photo of Bill and Jeep from which Reagan prepared the drawing shown here. If you want to know more about Bill Crump, see his web site: http://wildbillcrump.com/