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The Post has 211 members. Included in that number are 153 Life Members and 58 Continuous Members meaning every year we need to have 58 souls send us checks for their dues to arrive at 100%. Herding cats is a slightly easier task. To complicate matters, anyone joining after January 1, 2014 has a membership based on the payment date and anyone who was a member prior to that date has a membership that expires on July 1st (this would be the bulk of our 58 members). This new system is great for National’s cash flow and murder at the individual Post level. So if you are a continuous member, please pay ASAP so our Quartermaster doesn’t go insane trying to run after everyone. Better yet, simply become a Life Member. Don’t worry that by paying a bit early you will be forfeiting part of your prior year dues. National simply extends the expiration date of your membership by 12 months so you get the benefit of a full 12 months anytime you make a payment.

Also, if you need help in paying your dues, let the QM know. We don’t want to lose a member because they have hit a rough spot financially. We have funds in our Relief Fund for those who need assistance. Our dues are $35 annually and you can mail your check to:

VFW Post 8870
PO Box 701
Edmonds, WA 98020

Alternatively, you can go online to VFW.org and renew your membership there. Either way, the sooner the better.