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Buddy Poppies

at the Edmonds Farmers Market 

The Post will once again man a booth at the Edmonds Farmers Market on a Saturday in September to distribute Buddy Poppies and “show the flag” to the public and potential new members. This event is tentatively scheduled for September 25. We will be set up by the market opening time of 9:00 AM and continue until 2:00 PM. we do need volunteers to for set up/take down and to man the booth during the day. You can do a morning shift, an afternoon shift or both. 

Sign ups will be held at the August Post meeting. See Senior Vice Commander and Poppy Chair Duane Bowman. 

Buddy Poppies

In the photo at right are Post Chaplain Dan Doyle and then Commander Mike Denton at a similar event in 1919, set up much as we will be in September. 

Looking ahead to Veterans Day. Buddy Poppy distribution will take place November 5 & 6 at our usual locations in the area. Sign-ups will begin at the September Post meeting 

Post Acquires Canopy for Public Events

Post Acquires Canopy for Public EventsWe recently accepted delivery of an official VFW canopy for use at a variety of events in our community. This equipment will allow us to shelter from both rain and sun at events such as the Paine Field Air Show, which is to see its first use on May 19. (Talk to Don Stapleton if you would like to participate.)

Other uses may include more exposed venues for Poppy distribution, the Edmonds Farmers Market and other events. This photo is from the VFW Store catalog; we have yet to set it up for the first time. If you have ideas on local events at which we can make use of this canopy, give your Commander a shout.