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Post Members recognized for Years of Service

At the August Post meeting we recognized members years of service in the Post with the award of the appropriate lapel pin. Recognition pins are issued in five year increments only. Shown below are those members for whom photos were available from file. Congratulations to all of you!

Five Years
Amos Chapman
James Cox
Ron Fischer
Jon Koenig
Robert Little
William Rogers
Charles Saint
Michael Santapolo
John Westfall
Daniel White

Ten Years
John Lapham
Earl Prebazac

Fifteen Years
Barry Long

Twenty Years
William Bishop

Twenty-Five Years
Jeffrey Catalini
John Shelton

Thirty Years
Jim Tyree

Thirty Five Years
Arthur Petty

Benton Webb joined VFW in 1945 and is currently the longest serving member in our post at 72 years. Comrade Webb was overlooked in ordering service pins, but we now have a 70 year pin on order. Congratulations Benton!


Jim McCann Presents Quilt to John Shelton

Jim McCann Presents Quilt to John Shelton

Jim met Deb Patterson at a local craft store while getting Veteran poster materials for his 50th High school reunion. She gave him a discount coupon and asked if he knew a wounded Vietnam Veteran. Thinking of John Shelton, Jim told her about VFW post 8870 and that we have a Sniper Marine in our Post who was combat injured in Vietnam. Ms. Patterson asked Jim to follow her home in her wheel chair where she presented him with a Quilt that she and a friend (who has passed away) had made to be given to a wounded vet and asked him to present it to John. At right is a photo of that presentation at our September Post Meeting.

Ms. Patterson is planning to make additional quilts and intends to stay in touch for further presentations to our Purple Heart members.