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Some Reminders for Members

Members are urged to report service time for the Post’s monthly report. To do so, log in at VFW Department of WA website (https://vfwwa.org/di/vfw/v2/default.asp) and click on “Program Reporting”. Just fill in the form.

Members are asked to encourage family members to join and participate in The Post Auxiliary. The Auxiliary’s purpose is to support to activities of the Post, including social/community events and fund raising activities.

May 4 is to be the third annual National VFW Day of Service. We are looking for suggestions for our local project. (Last year we did a beach clean up) If you are aware of a worthwhile community need in the Edmonds area that would benefit from a day’s work by a group of VFW volunteers, please contact Commander Bowman.

P. S. Just a reminder, “Buddy’® Poppy, recruiting and other events which raise monetary donations
do not qualify as a Day of Service event.

2023 “Buddy Poppy” Schedule 

2023 “Buddy Poppy” Schedule

Senior Vice Commander Duane Bowman announced the schedule for Poppy distribution for Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial Day will be on May 25 and 26, with Veterans Day to follow on Friday November 4 and Friday November 10. The Veterans Day schedule will be something of an experiment, spreading the work out over two weeks, due to the holiday itself falling Saturday. Times and locations will be announced at a later date, but put those dates on your calendar. We need everyone who who is able to participate, in order to fund our long list of relief fund projects. 

Memorial Day “Buddy Poppy” Distribution 

On Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, veterans of both VFW Post 8870 and American Legion Post 66 handed out “Buddy Poppies” at three store locations; QFC in Edmonds, QFC Mukilteo and Town & Country Market in Mill Creek. 

In spite of the help of some family members and others, we were unable to muster sufficient personnel to staff the fourth and fifth stores we have worked in the past. In spite of this reduction in manpower and reaching fewer stores, we had an excellent weekend of fund raising, bringing in a total of $14,091.16 to bolster our Relief Fund. While this number is considerably short of our record highs of the past, (over $18,000 for Veterans Day 2019) it is still satisfying to be able to get back out there after these past two years of Covid restrictions. 

The public was most welcoming, offering profuse thanks for our service and recognizing the sacrifice of our comrades who never made it home. 

For those of you who were unable to help at the stores: An anonymous donor has offered to match up to $1,500.00 in Relief Fund donations from members in lieu of such participation. If you would like to participate in that offer, which we hope would raise an additional $3,000.00, send your check to the Post PO Box, or go on the donation page of the website. Be sure to note on your check, or online donation, that it is for the Relief Fund matching program. The below is a chart of the weekend results by store. 

Memorial Day Poppy Revenues by Location

Memorial Day Buddy Poppy Distribution

Important Events Coming up!

The busy month of May

Important Events Coming up! The busy month of May

Our calendar is a busy one for the Memorial Day weekend period. We begin, of course, with our semi-annual Buddy Poppy distribution at our local grocery stores, which will begin on the morning of Friday, May 27 and proceed through Saturday, May 28. We could certainly use more of you to participate. It is this simple, the more poppies we hand out, the more money we bring in for our Veterans Relief Fund. It is a very rewarding experience, with lots of folks expressing their gratitude and recognizing our service, so come out and help. If you can’t give us a full day, work half a day. If half a day is not possible, come for a couple of hours. (We will have rain shelter at all locations) 

Important Events Coming up! The busy month of May

On Memorial Day itself, (Monday May 30) we need a few hands to move flags for the ceremonies at the cemetery and the Veterans Plaza. Please meet at the Legion Hall at 8:30 if you can help with that duty. 

We should meet at the Edmonds Memorial Cemetery at 10:30 for the 11:00am ceremonies there and will then move on to the Edmonds Veterans Plaza for a short observance at that location, to begin at 1:00pm 

Wear your cover and join us to remember our fallen comrades. 

Planning for Upcoming Events 

Buddy Poppy

Spring is just around the corner, which means that planning for Memorial Day ceremonies and our Memorial Day round of Buddy Poppy distribution (May 6 & 7) is underway and we will need to begin planning for Independence Day, on the assumption that both the annual parade and our barbecue can be held this year. 

Buddy Poppy Chair Duane Bowman has announced that he wishes to staff three QFC locations, Mukilteo, Westgate and 196th at 76th, as well as Fred Meyer at 164th and Town & Country Market in Mill Creek. (formerly Central Market) In order to staff all of those locations, we will need participation by considerably more of our membership than we have seen in recent years. We understand that it is difficult for some of our older members and we just ask that each of you do whatever you can. If that is a full day, great, if just and hour or two, everything helps. 

Memorial Day

We have asked the Auxiliary to participate and if spouses and older teenage offspring are will to help, they would be welcome. We usually have several spouses of members who participate and basically, everyone is welcome. 

We expect to participate in the Edmonds Cemetery Memorial Day ceremonies (Monday, May 30) as we have for many years, so be sure to put that event on your calendar, beginning at 10:00 AM at the Edmonds Memorial Cemetery. 

Planning For “Buddy Poppy” Time

Planning For Buddy Poppy Time

While Memorial Day may yet seem way off on the horizon, it is actually just over two months away, so now is the time to start making preparations. 

Jr. Vice Commander and Poppy Chair Duane Bowman has made arrangements for a presence at the Mill Creek Central Market once again. It has been a few years since we have been at that location, but it has always been very productive, as well as being a comfortable facility at which to distribute poppies. We would like have tables at each of three doors at that store. 

We plan to distribute poppies at QFC on the Speedway in Mukilteo; QFC at Westgate in Edmonds, Fred Meyer on Alderwood Blvd & 164th and at Central Market in downtown Mill Creek. At both QFC stores and at Fred Meyer, we will staff two doors each and at Central Market, three doors. We will work Friday May 22 and Saturday May 23 with two shifts both days at all locations so we need to fill a total of 36 shifts. 

We had intended to have sign up sheets at the March meeting to get us started, but with the meeting cancelled, we will obviously need to at least start our sign-up process on line. Hopefully, we will be able to meet together at the Legion Hall in April. 

With the shift from West Lynnwood QFC to Central Market, there will be no need for anyone to be out in the rain. We will all be able to be under shelter. Obviously, if too many people sign up at one location, some of us will need to move, so be prepared to be flexible. There will certainly be some of us who are unable to participate fully, so If you can do more than one shift, or can bring spouse, offspring or friends to help, please do so. Contact Duane to let him know your preferences and with any questions: [email protected]. On line sign-ups will be made available as soon as possible. 

Veterans Day 2018

Another successful Poppy Outing 


Nearly 30 members of Post 8870 offered most of two days of their time at four supermarket locations in Edmonds, Mukilteo and Lynnwood, (something in the nature of 250 “man-hours”) distributing the VFW “Buddy Poppy” to residents and asking them to wear the poppy to remember their comrades who fell in combat.

Veterans Day 2018

Jim Murdock and Dan Doyle at QFC on 196th on Saturday.

Many fellow citizens offer a “Thank you for your Service” in response and reach in their pockets for a few dollars to help support our efforts. Even those who have not served in uniform, have family members who have served in this and past generations. The stories of those family member’s service, often shared with participating veterans, are wonderful to hear and make the effort seem worthwhile in and of themselves. Results shown below.

“In Flanders Fields the poppies blow between the crosses, row on row… “


Poppy Distribution Host Stores Recognized

Thank you, we’ll see you in November! 


For many years, VFW Post 8870’s semi-annual Buddy Poppy distribution efforts have been hosted by several local stores and it was decided after this year’s Memorial Day event that something should be done to recognize these stores’ generosity.

On a recent Monday morning, Post Commander Mike Denton visited two of the store managers and presented them with framed certificates expressing our thanks for there long standing support allowing us to continue with our veterans relief efforts. Additional stores will be similarly thanked in the coming weeks. It is noteworthy that all of the stores that help us in this effort are part of the Kroger family.

Poppy Distribution Host Stores Recognize

Edmonds Westgate QFC Manager Vic McCole accepts the award from Commander Denton.


Poppy Distribution Host Stores Recognize

QFC Harbour Pointe Manager Mark Ferrari is presented the award for the Mukilteo store.



Memorial Day Poppy Distribution

Memorial Day Poppy Distribution Many thanks to all of you who have volunteered to spend the Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day weekend distributing poppies at our four locations around the area.

There is a late major change this year in that we will no longer man the Central Market in Mill Creek and instead will shift to the QFC at 196th and 76th on the Lynnwood / Edmonds line. We ask those of you who volunteered for Central Market to instead man the new QFC Lynnwood location. 

For those of you who have yet to volunteer, we can still use more help and feel free to bring family members along. We will be accepting signups at the May Post meeting or you can contact our Poppy Committee Chair, Bob CrawfordL <[email protected]> or your commander.

Once again our locations are:

QFC Westgate, Edmonds
QFC Mukilteo Speedway
QFC 196th & 76, Lynnwood
Fred Meyer, 164th & Alderwood Mall Blvd.

We are grateful to the Kroger organization for their generous support of VFW.

No One Does More for Veterans: Counting the Ways

The following table of statistics from VFW Natonal illustrates how the nearly 2 million members of VFW make a difference. There is much of which VFW members may be proud.

Your editor did a little arithmetic with these stats and the results gives Post 8870 good reason to be particularly proud of itself.

Dividng the $12 million dollars raised through the “Buddy Poppy” program nationally by the total number of Posts (6,380) results in an average of $ 1,880 per post for the year. You and I, Comrades, raised well over $ 25,000 in 2017, or thirteen times the national average!

Well Done! 

Veterans Day: Buddy Poppy Time

Veterans Day: Buddy Poppy TimeBob Crawford, our stalwart organizer of poppy distribution, asks that you be certain November 6-7 are on your calendar and arrange your scheduled hours with him. We will have four locations to staff this time around. Bob can go over the opportunities with you, so be sure you get together with him at the September meeting, or call him to make arrangements. If all of our active membership participates, it will be an easy and productive weekend. There is no more rewarding activity to participate in as a VFW member.