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Veteran Volunteers Needed

An opportunity to inspire young people 

Veteran’s Day is officially Wednesday, November 11. During the days leading up to that week many of the schools in our service area will have special programs honoring veterans and educating the students about service and sacrifice.

By the time you read this, we will have sent letters to all the schools offering to provide one or more veterans to come to any school requesting them. Some will be asked to speak before an assembly, others to visit a small class, and some to simply be present while the young people honor us and show their appreciation.

At our Post meeting on October 13 those in attendance will be given the opportunity to volunteer to visit these schools. Those who have done so in the past always come away moved and grateful for the remarkable young students and the teachers inspiring them.

If you are unable to be at the October meeting and you would like to sign up, you can do so by emailing Commander Blossey at blossey.james@gmail.com.

Veterans Day

On November 11th at 11AM, we will have our first Veterans Day ceremony at our new Veterans Plaza at 5th and Bell. Depending on the weather (although it never rains in November in Edmonds), we may have to put up some shelters for the speakers and honored guests. In addition, if Memorial Day at the cemetery is any indication, we will also have to put up chairs for our elderly citizens to use. Therefore, we will have a work party detail at 0930 to get things organized. Since this is our first attempt at this, the more hands we get to help, the quicker we can adjourn to the coffee shop before returning at 11AM. The agenda is still somewhat fluid, but Commander Jim Blossey will MC the event, Mayor Dave Earling will say a few words, and Mike Reagan, Post member and founder of the Fallen Heroes Portrait Foundation will be the keynote speaker. Our own Chris Edwards will play Taps to close the ceremony. Following the ceremony, we will need some hands to help us pack up everything. At that time, we will adjourn to the Edmonds Cemetery where there will be a tour of the notable veterans interred there. Hopefully, we can have a major showing of our VFW members so please wear your covers to the ceremony. This is our day at our Park so please make an effort to be there.