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June Post Meeting

June Post Meeting

Our June Post meeting was well attended (24 members on the premises plus two others attending via Zoom) and busy. 

Two of our 2021 scholarship recipients Shakeel Kah, of Mariner H.S. and Vann Dreier of Kamiak H.S. were present via Zoom to read their essays to the Post. The essay topics this year were “What Freedom Means to Me” and “How our Constitution establishes and maintains a culture of freedom”. The other two winners, Hayley Ross, Meadowdale H.S. and Taylor Schindler, of Edmonds Woodway H.S. were unable to join us due to other commitments. 

June Post Meeting

Dept of Washington Commander Traci Williams joined us to present Commander Rose with the Post’s 75th Anniversary certificate from the National Commander. 

Parade plans were finalized and several potential new members introduced. More on new members as they are actually inducted. 

Among the photos displayed is one showing the new video equipment (below) purchased to enable more complete participation by those joining our meeting online, which includes a new camera, monitor and laptop computer. In the photo shown, members Al Boyett and Jay Hansen are seen, as well as a third member connected via audio only. 

June Post Meeting

The above image at left displays the head table with Commander Rose directing the meeting, as well as Don Stapleton introducing the scholarship winners who were with us online. With this arrangement, everyone attending can see and hear everyone else, whether physically present or on Zoom. 

New VA Clinic Open in Edmonds

New VA Clinic Open in Edmonds

The new Edmonds VA clinic began providing in-person care last month. This comes over six months after VA Puget Sound Health Care System first announced its plan to open Community Based Outpatients Clinics (CBOCs) in Edmonds, Puyallup, Olympia, and Everett. 

The first micro-clinic was opened June 14, when VA Puget Sound announced the opening of the 5,368- square-foot Edmonds facility, located in the Edmonds Medical Pavilion building at 21616 76th Avenue West (suites 107 and 112) across the street from Swedish Medical Center.The announcement also noted that all three of the microclinics will be open by the end of July, and that the 26,000-square-foot Everett outpatient clinic will open mid-2022. 

The Edmonds CBOC serves as a primary care clinic and provides home-based primary care to patients who may require it. Patients also have access to providers specializing in behavioral and mental health, nutrition, prosthetics and orthotics, and clinical pharmacology. Other services that veterans can access at the Edmonds clinic include laboratory work, social work, and telehealth. 

Enrolling more than 3,500 

The clinic will be able to enroll 3,050 eligible veterans as patients. In total, the three micro-clinics will serve about 11,000 veterans. 

The Everett location is expected to be able to provide primary care to 6,000 to 8,000 patients when it opens, which could eventually increase to 12,000 based on patient demand. The Everett clinic will offer some services, such as physical therapy and certain types of imaging, that are not available at the Edmonds location and the other smaller clinics. 

Those interested in seeking care at the Edmonds clinic should call 206-716-5858 or 253-582-8440, extension 71234. 

Veteran Plaza Update

Earlier this year, we reported on the anonymous donation of funds to be used for an additional sculpture to augment the existing art at the Plaza. The EVP Committee has been hard at work looking at proposals from local artists and working with the city to chooses a piece that would be appropriate to the space and acceptable to the Post, the Edmonds Arts Commission and the Edmonds Parks department. 

Ron Clyborne plans to present a proposed design at the July Post meeting on the 21st of this month, . The piece would be a metal (bronze or aluminum) sculpture intended to specifically honor the names listed on the KIA wall at the plaza. A two dimensional image of the design and its proposed placement appears in the photo below, as presented to the EVP Committee and the Command staff recently. 

Veteran Plaza Update

Edmonds sculptor David Varnau, the artist proposing this design, which he has entitled “A Gift of Freedom”, is inspired by the Franklin Roosevelt quote that appears at the top of the KIA wall. (Shown below) 

Varnau is well known for public art installations in downtown Edmonds, particularly two sculptures in front of the Windermere building on 5th Ave and another next To WA-Fed Bank at 3rd and Main. His art career follows an earlier long career in the design and production of prosthetics, which gives him considerable insight into the human form.

This proposal is, of course, subject to the approval of the various City of Edmonds entities charged with oversight of public works. 

The KIA wall displays the names of 91 service members from our Edmonds area who were killed in action in World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf and Post 9/11 actions. Many of those named are also honored elsewhere in the Plaza with various memorial pieces. 

Follow-up on Dan White’s OCS Hall of Fame Induction

Dan White’s OCS Hall of Fame Induction

A few months ago, we reported on our own Col. Dan White’s selection to the U. S. Army Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame. Induction is automatic for any OCS graduate who has received the Medal of Honor or attained general officer rank. Other nominees are selected based on their distinguished service in their civilian and military careers as is the case with Dan. A computerized kiosk provides photos and biographies of all inductees. 

Dan White’s OCS Hall of Fame Induction

In May, Dan was invited to travel east for an induction ceremony after the COVID situation opened up sufficiently to allow such a gathering. He was kind enough to share some materials he brought home, including the certificate of induction, and several challenge coins he received at the event. Dan had a long career in the Army, both active duty and reserve. 

Congratulations once again on your selection Dan! We are proud to have you with us. 

Buddy Poppy Plans for Veterans Day

Buddy Poppy Plans for Veterans Day

We expect to be back in front of our favorite grocery stores for our usual Veterans Day Buddy Poppy distribution and fund raising. Vice Commander Duane Bowman has been in touch with the QFC and Fred Meyer locations and is bringing the Central Market store in Mill Creek back this year. 

We expect to start sign ups at the September Post Meeting, so we can get our crews assigned for the various stores as soon as possible. Be thinking about where you would like to be, but also remember that we many have to move some people around to provide even coverage at all locations. Spouses and other family members are welcome to come along and help out. 

Carl Kurfess’ Trivia

The Ghost Army of WWII 

Carl Kurfess’ Trivia

In spring of 1944, Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower gave General George Patton a mighty army to spearhead the Invasion of France. The First U.S. Army group consisted of eleven divisions assembled near the White Cliffs of Dover, readying to cross the English Channel at its narrowest point and invade France at Pas-de-Calais. But this was not a real army – it was a giant con job. 

The allies wanted to convince Hitler that the planned invasion at Normandy was just a diversion that the real invasion, under General Patton, would be at Pas-de-Calais. 

Carl Kurfess’ Trivia

The Ghost Army was an Allied Army tactical deception unit during World War II officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops (operation quicksilver). 

Set designers from London’s Shepperton Studios were brought in to create the illusion of a massed army where there was none. They created battalions of rubber tanks, and regiments of wooden soldiers. Canvas airplanes were parked on fake runways, harbors were filled with dummy landing craft. Radio operators sent huge amounts of bogus traffic, orders to and from units that did not exist. Soldiers wore fake unit patches and drove about England simulating units that did not exist. 

Sound effects of actual units were recorded and played elsewhere, simulating units that were never there. Trucks would be driven in looping convoys with just two troops in the seats near the rear, to simulate a truck full of infantry under the canvas cover. “MP’s” (Military Police) would be deployed at cross roads wearing appropriate divisional insignia and some officers would simulate divisional generals and staff officers visiting towns where enemy agents were likely to see them. A few actual tanks and artillery pieces were occasionally assigned to the unit to make the “dummies” in the distance appear more realistic. 

The deceptions fooled Hitler completely. Even after the Normandy beachhead on June 6, the Germans held their Panzer divisions in reserve waiting for the real invasion elsewhere. 

Works cited
 Beyer, Rick. The Greatest War Stories never told; 100 tales from military history to astonish, bewilder, & stupefy. New York: HarperCollins: 2005. Print. 

July 4th Parade?

The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce announced that it will attempt to return the Edmonds Kind of 4th parade on Independence Day, based on sufficient participants and volunteers stepping up, as well as the necessary parade permit from the City of Edmonds. Start time is expected to be 12:00 noon. The Post is planning to participate as usual and we will assemble on 6th Avenue in front of the Legion Hall. Stay tuned for confirming emails with additional details. 

2018 Parade photos courtesy Edmond Beacon

June Post Meeting

On the usual third Wednesday evening, approximately ten of our members, plus distinguished guests, Past District 1 Commander Otis Wolfe and Elmer Johnson of Everett Post 2100, gathered at the Legion Hall for our monthly post meeting. Another half dozen members joined us in the Zoom format. We sincerely hope that more of our members will feel comfortable with returning soon, as we all get vaccinated. 

The main event of the evening was the installation of our new officers for VFW year 2021-22, who officially take office at the Department convention in late June. Past Commander Wolfe performed the installation. 

Your new officers : 
Commander: Carl Kurfess 
Sr. Vice : Duane Bowman 
Jr. Vice: Rose Gilliland 
Quartermaster: Dennis Peterson 
Chaplain: Dan Doyle 
1st Year Trustee: Kerry Watkins 
2nd Year Trustee: Donald Stapleton 
3rd Year Trustee: Mike Denton 
Adjutant: Nathan Wortinger 
Service Officer: Alden Gilliland 
Surgeon: (open) 
Judge Advocate: Jim Traner 
Guard: John Shelton 

New members joining 

Membership Chair Jim Traner announced four new members joining the Post, who we hope to have present for installation and introductions at the June and July meetings. They are John Nederlee, P. Philips (transferred from another post), Navy Korean War vet Richard Warbrouck and Retired Army Major Kacey Tourine. 

Memorial Day 2021

Abbreviated Poppy Drive – Dedication at The Plaza 

Memorial Day 2021

Once again Memorial Day was not quite our expected event. The Edmonds Cemetery Board conducted a drive through event and handed out poppies to those in attendance, during which they collected $ 140 for our Relief Fund. Many thanks to our friends on the Cemetery Board. 

In the afternoon of Memorial Day, the post held a brief ceremony at the Edmonds Veterans Plaza, attended mostly by members and their families The primary purpose was to dedicate a new group of memorial pavers to be installed near the information Kiosk at the southeast corner of the Plaza. (The City has yet to actually install these pavers due to COVID staffing issues) 

Memorial Day 2021

Colors were held, of course, and Chaplain Dan Doyle, after an introduction by Jim Traner, delivered a brief speech honoring our fallen comrades. 

Many thanks to Buglers Chris Edwards and Debbie Dawson for once again providing their excellent “echo” rendition of Taps, always a moving experience. 

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Kiosk

Posting Details for Your Memorial Items 

Edmonds Veterans Plaza Kiosk


You are reminded that The Edmonds Veterans Plaza kiosk is now loaded with the veterans’ basic information excerpted from the memorialized pavers and benches. Some of the veterans dedicated also have provided additional information and photos. You can go to the plaza and check to see if you, your friend or family member is showing up. The Memorial ID and the map on the screen can help users to locate their pavers, etc. 

The team will continue the effort to add more information and edit if needed. Please see the online version of the kiosk here (In other words, you can do the checking from your home remotely, too!): edmonds/ 

You are welcome to fill out one of the forms below. Or send the veterans’ information and photos to Also use the same email to correct the existing information on the kiosk. See the form below for what types of information we can use. Although ideal, it doesn’t have to be complete. 

Please select one of the Forms below and use its link. 

Form A: For those who have a Google account**. Only Google account holder can upload photos directly from the form. Prepare the photos (Read Photo Specification*) and start the form below. —> 

Form B: For those who do not or wish to have a Google account. We will send a separate email requesting photos later. Please go ahead and fill the form below. —> 

* Either way, you will be requested (but not required) to provide up to 2 photos. *Photo specification: Ideally optimized for 400w X 500h in pixels at 72 DPI and JPG (.jpg) format is preferred (up to 10 MB per photo in size allowed). You may want to start preparing them before you start filling the form. If you do not know how to do these, do not worry but go ahead and upload photos as they are. 

** To create free Google account: (If you use Gmail or Google Calendar, you already have a Google account.) You can create it by visiting: