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October Post Meeting

Our Meeting program consisted of dedication ceremonies for “Traner’ s Comer”, the new seating area across from the entrance to the Hall, which the late Jim Traner was instrumental in creating.
Jim worked with Charlie Gaul and his wife to arrange the acquisition of the seating for this new gathering area and the two Posts, VFW 8870 and American Legion 66 decided to name it in Jim’s honor.

Joining us for the occasion were distinguished guests Terry Traner, Department of Washington Commander Craig Daugherty, and District 1 Commander Terry Stenson. Senior Vice Commander Rose Gilliland filled in for the absent Commander Duane Bowman and is seen in the first photo below introducing Terry Traner. At right, Department Commander Daugherty, holding the commemorative plaque for the dedication with Terry at his side, points outs Traners Comer in the rear of the hall.

In addition to dedicating Traner’s Corner, Ron Clyborne was recognized for his key role (along with Jim Traner) in the creation of the Edmonds Veterans Plaza. (See separate article with photos of the new Veterans Plaza bench to be dedicated on Veterans Day.) Ron and his wife Michelle are shown below in the new Corner. In the background are the drawing of Jim Traner which was presented to Terry and the Post by our resident artist Michael Reagan, as well as a stained glass representation of the 11th Armored Cavalry in which Jim servced in Vietnam. At right below, District 1 Commander Stenson looks on.

Minutes of the Post Business Meeting which began at 1815hrs.

The minutes from the September meeting were read and approved by the membership.The Quartermaster’s report was reviewed and approved by the membership.

Expenditures were approved by the membership as follows:
$1,464.13 for the engraving for the memorial bench in honor of Jim Traner and Ron Clyborne.
$ 92.35 for the All American Red cover for Past Commander Carl Kurfess.The next District 1 Meeting will be at Post 2100 on 11/18/2023.

A motion was made by Fred Apgar to Name Post 8870 the Jim Traner Post 8870 in honor of all that Jim did for our Post. The motion was 2nd by Tom Hallums.

After discussion and input from several members the membership voted not to change the name of the Post. This was done mainly due to the fact that Jim had expressed to various members and family that he did not want his name to be part of the Post name. ( Or anyone else’s for the that matter, ed.)

A dedication ceremony will be held at 1:00 PM on Veterans day, 11/11/2023 at the Edmonds Veterans Plaza. At that time we will dedicate a bench to honor Jim Traner and Ron Clyborne for all of the work that they did to create the Edmonds Veterans Plaza.

The next Post Meeting is scheduled for November 15, 2023.

August Post Meeting

Speaker: Dennis Gibb – On Formerly Incarcerated Veterans  

August Post Meeting Speaker Dennis Gibb

Comrade Gibb, who served as a scout helicopter pilot in Vietnam and after a long career in the financial services, now works at Edmonds College, helping formerly incarcerated veterans to reestablish their lives following release. He presently works with some 40 such vets at the College who are furthering their education.  

Dennis spoke to the Post meeting to propose that we add a new piece to our relief fund beneficiaries in the form of assistance to some of his formerly incarcerated veteran clients at the college. He proposed starting with one such veteran who would be selected from the college group in consultation with the Relief Committee. Dennis sees this assistance as aimed at helping getting these vets into housing and other basic needs until they are gainfully employed and able to function on their own. The post leadership has approved this proposal and will present the plan to the membership at the September meeting. We would begin with one veteran in the program and limit the support to one year.   

August Post Meeting Draping Charter for Jim Traner

The Ceremony was performed for Draping The Charter in memory of our beloved Comrade Jim Traner & Comrade Reagan’s portrait of Jim displayed.  The minutes from the July meeting were read. 

The minutes were approved by the membership.  

The Quartermasters report was reviewed and approved by the membership.  

District 1. The District meeting will be on 09/09/2023 @ Post 2100 in Everett. Following the meeting there will be a School of Instruction that will go over the responsibilities/duties of Post officers.  

New Business:   

Comrade Joe Gray was nominated by Rose Gilliland to fill the vacant Quartermaster position. The nomination was 2nd by Brian Rowe. Upon a vote of the membership Joe Gray was elected as the new Post Quartermaster.  

The following appointments were made by Post Commander Duane Bowman.   Office of the Day: Jeff McKinney  Membership : Jeff McKinney  Judge Advocate: Rose Gilliland  

It was proposed by Dennis Peterson that we move $2,000.00 from the Post Foundation Fund to the Post General Fund. By a vote of the membership the funds will be transferred by the Quartermaster.  

The scholarships awarded in 2023 will be named the “Jim Traner Scholarship” in honor of Comrade Jim Traner.   

In the photo above at left, Charlie Gaul displays a leaded glass ornament he created honoring Traner’ s Vietnam unit, the 11th Armored Cavalry. 

June Post Meeting

Immediate Past Commander Carl Kurfess was honored with a plaque in recognition for his service as Post Commander for the last 2 years. At below, Kurfess receives the plaque from Commander Duane Bowman.

June Post Meeting
June Post Meeting

At the Department of Washington Convention in Spokane, Post 8870 was recognized as an All-State Post for 2022/2023. Hence the white hat you see on Carl’s head.

Great job by the officers and all members! 8870 has been an All State Post for most of the years your editor has been a member. The awarded commander wears it for the entire post to recognize the team effort and the Quartermaster for his/her individual performance.

June Post Meeting

Also at the convention, the Post newsletter that is written, assembled & distributed by Mike Denton was recognized at the State Convention as the best News Letter from a “Small Post.”

March Post Meeting 

Jim Armstrong

Following yet another excellent meal put together by our favorite USN culinary expert, Parnia Parvini, Jim Armstrong, one of our newer members, was our speaker. 

Jim gave us an overview of his service in Iraq and Afghanistan, as an NCO of a bridge building engineer unit. It is always interesting to hear of the experience of veterans who served in different capacities, times and places from our own. 

Jeff McKinney

At this meeting we welcomed a new transfer member, Navy veteran Jeff McKinney. McKinney recently moved here from Pennsylvania. Welcome aboard Jeff! 

Election of Post Officers 

Nominations will be taken from the membership present and elections held for Post Officers for the 2023-24 VFW year at the April Post Meeting.

In other news: 

  • We are working on the details for the proposed raffle of one of Mike Reagan’s signed celebrity portraits as a fundraiser for the post. We anticipate that the raffle will be held and the prize awarded at the annual Christmas party in December. Details such as the timing of ticket sales and how best to promote it are under discussion. 
  • We will have beach clean-up event on Saturday May 6 as our contribution to the VFW National Service dayof Service. The plan is to meet on the Edmonds waterfront @ 9 AM. 
  • The new MIA/KIA banner “proofs” have been approved by Jim Traner. We expect to have them available for Memorial Day. 
  • The Memorial Day Ceremony at the Edmonds Memorial Cemetery will recognize all Purple Heart Recipients. 
  • A “Heroes in the Ball Park” event is scheduled in Tacoma later this spring. Anyone who is interested can contact Carl Kurfess for details.

November Post Meeting 

Heather Peterson,volunteer coordinator for Continuum Hospice
Peterson provides member Phil Sacks with contact information 

Heather Peterson, volunteer coordinator for Continuum Hospice. spoke to our November Post meeting about their program. She is looking for Veteran volunteers to meet with Veteran Hospice members so they can talk Veteran to Veteran. No set schedule, volunteer as much or as little as you like. https://continuumwa.com/ 

When you have a chronic illness, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed as your disease progresses. Continuum Palliative Resources provides home-based palliative care, you will be assigned a Nurse Practitioner to provide home visits to enhance your daily lifestyle through education, medication management and necessary medical tools to support your management of your advanced disease. 

Highlights of Business Meeting

  • One new member, Eric Baum was accepted & one transfer, Jim Armstrong from Post 1040. (We will introduce these member in detail when they have attended their first meetting) 
  • Minutes from the October Meeting were read & approved with no changes. 
  • Quartermaster’s report was reviewed. The following expenditures were approved by the membership. $29.68 for pre-meeting meals, $39.17 for soft drinks. 
  • Community Service Reporting. According to Don Wischmann (District 1 Quartermaster) the reporting is going well. He suggested that we work on combining repeating activities into one report. (As an example, if you you spent 3 hours per day for 3 days during the month you should submit one (1) report for the month showing the total hours.) 
  • Relief Fund was reviewed and is in good shape to meet budgeted commitments. 
  • Service Officer Report. Alden has received several requests for assistance & has been busy directing folks to the help that they need. 
  • We received 3 essays (youth/patriots pen) that will be reviewed and forwarded on to District. 
  • Don Wischmann the District 1 quartermaster did an audit of our post financials found everything in order 
  • The Post Charter was draped for Dick Simmons & Norm Goldstein. 

January Post Meeting 

Membership Chair Jim Traner announced a new potential member, David Wells, a USN veteran of 1968-70, who we hope to be able to induct at the February meeting. 

Data from the old Plaza kiosk is in the process of being transferred to the Post Web site.

Poppy Chair Duane Bowman is proposing some changes in our site set-up which will be discussed at the next staff meeting for further announcements at the Post meeting in February. 

The Post needs some volunteers in leadership & committee roles: 

  1. A VFW jacket Committee to help in ordering new Post jackets for members 
  2. Safety/Law Enforcement Committee to select Law Enforcement & Fire Fighter of the year awardees. 
  3. Identify and invite potential Post meeting speakers. 
  4. Reach out to older and ill veterans to check on their status. 
  5. The Edmonds VA Clinic is now open 
  6. Veterans pins available at Heroes Cafe 
  7. Planning is underway for Memorial Day ceremonies at Edmonds Cemetery. 

Talk to the commander if you are interested in any of these activities. 

January Post Meeting Was Cancelled

The snow storm the week of January 15 caused the January meeting to be cancelled by Commander Rose Gililand, in the interest of the safety of our members and guests. 

The program for that meeting was to have featured our student essay winners and our Teachers of the year. That program has been shifted forward to the February meeting. Our meal will be provided by the post Auxiliary. 

Don’t miss it.